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Drug Abuse, Manslaughter and Law - Essay Example

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Name Institution Tutor Date Drug abuse, manslaughter and law Production distribution and sale of cocaine and its products is illegal in many countries as regulated and controlled by the United Nations convention against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances…
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Drug Abuse, Manslaughter and Law
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Download file to see previous pages Cocaine is a dominant hard drug that attracts severe penalties for possession and eventual trafficking. The controlled substance act serves the whole nation in implementing all legislations for single convention on narcotics and drugs and helps in reducing the atrocities developed from the drug distribution. This was brought about by full discovery of the addictive properties of cocaine, including the perceived problems that are brought about by addictive use of cocaine (Gardner & Anderson 2011 p 430). A negative notion was further linked to cocaine as many people stressed that cocaine abusers were mainly gamblers, prostitutes, burglars, racketeers, and pimps among other law breakers. It further created a notion that cocaine increased people’s ability to commit more crime as it gave them heightened approach to life and the courage to commit crimes that have been restricted by law. In this case, Nino Schenquist and Bill Rallia are involved in the use of illegal drugs together. They are both liable for using drugs that are recognized by law as illegal and any person found guilty of such an offence faces a stringent arm of the law. They are guilty of using drugs that increase perseverance, alertness, energy, and motor activity. The drug use affects a person’s feelings of well being hence increased competence and sexuality to higher levels that could increase a person’s probability of involvement into unsocial and illegal practices unwillingly. In a state of law, Rallia and Schenquist will be first convicted of frequent use of drugs in the country. The only legal use of cocaine is stipulated under local aesthetics as it is used constructively in making patients persevere pain during a medical examination or procedure. According to the United States controlled substance act of 1970, cocaine is placed under schedule II drug, as it is a highly classified drug in terms of high potentiality for abuse leading to severe physical and psychological dependence (Gardner & Anderson 2011 p 432). The two culprits will face an established mandatory law that provides a specified minimum drug sentence as they can not get out scot free. However, there are different penalties for the different types of cocaine in the United States. For instance, the federal law accords a higher sentence to crack cocaine than for powder cocaine since there is a high indulgence in the crack cocaine a large number of African Americans. It also claims a harsher prison term for blacks in the United States since their indulgence is increasingly severe as they increase the trade in the illegal drugs due to their lucrative income. Possession of a five gram of crack cocaine attracts a hefty first-offence penalty of not less than five years imprisonment. The same imprisonment of not less than five years is accorded to a person who is found in possession of five hundred grams of powder cocaine in the same law. This shows the utter difference in the two types of the same drug According to the controlled substance act of the United States, Rallia and Schenquist will be convicted in relation to section 959 ((a) for manufacture or distribute a controlled substance. Since they have been thriving in the business of using controlled drugs, the law will have to file possible allegations in a court of law for the conviction. Rallia is solidly behind the death of his cousin Schenquist since he is responsible for allegedly stabbing him after they had a misunderstanding at Thomas’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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