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THE CRIME OF HEALTHCARE Instructor: Task: Date: The institution of healthcare as it understood using the sociological imagination. People use healthcare services for many reasons: to cure illness and health conditions, to correct breaks and tears or to prevent future healthcare issues, to reduce pain and increase the quality of life…
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The Crime of Healthcare
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Download file to see previous pages Over the past decade, both public and private organizations have made great improvements in identifying the causes of disabilities and illnesses, discovering the cures to diseases and working with health practitioners on educating the public about how to prevent themselves from getting disease and disabilities that may cause unnecessary discomfort in their lifestyle. The American healthcare system is said to be one of the best in the world since it offers free healthcare technology and the best facilities that are very symbolic to the system. The American healthcare system is played by both public and private insurers but there is dominance of the private insurance sector over the public insurance sector. The healthcare system is financed around two branches of money: there is a collection of money in the system and the refund of medical service providers for healthcare. This responsibility is shared by public insurance companies and the private companies. Below is a chart of how the health care system is funded: There is one murder every23 minutes, one robbery every 50 seconds, and one rape every 10 minutes while the cost of crime is on the rise for the private protection, criminal justice system, loss of life and jobs, destruction of businesses, loss of goods and fraud, in drug abuse and from accidents caused by drunk driving. The total of all these costs adds up to more than $600 billion every year. There is also a psychological cost of heartbroken lives. The past solutions to these problems seem to be ineffective as a lot of funds are being used in prisons and yet there is very little change in the country. Teenagers are getting responsible for a proportion of violence crime. The murder arrests of teens have risen to 93% since 1985. The median age of criminals is on the dropping course whereby we had a perception that criminals were getting younger. There is a belief that most crimes are committed by people who are used to breaking the law. A criminologist Marvin Wolfgang compiled a record for males born and raised in Philadelphia (in 1945 and 1958) a. he discovered that just 8 percent in each age group committed three quarters of all violent crime. This included rapes and all murders. This 8 percent had also had more than four arrests before age 18. I tend to belief that people who take part in criminal activities do not do that in their own free will. They are compelled to do so by circumstances that are in there societies. These factors include psychological, economic, biological and their social backgrounds. A person can commit a crime due to jealousness, for revenge, to show off or even as a result of greed and anger. Most crimes committed can be planned extremely carefully to reduce any form of risk in the event of the crime taking place and confirm that there is an increased gain from the same crime. Some may even commit a crime in a very abrupt manner (without any prior knowledge of the crime to be committed). The Merton’s strain theory states that the social structures within the society may encourage people to commit crimes. This theory shows that if people lack or do not utilize some of the social structures in their society then it is likely that crimes are to be committed. Social structures like Education if missed then people will not get employment and hence they are likely to commit crimes like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Crime of Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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