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Drugs and Crime - Assignment Example

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The selection of this article was motivated by the fact that of late drug usage has been associated with the crimes…
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Drugs and Crime
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Download file to see previous pages The maneuvers made by the drug dealers in compromising authorities to remain in business are also an interesting feature to read. It was then imperative to do a comparative analysis by reviewing this journal and get to understand if there are gaps existing in the literature that constitute this journal. Prior to reading the article, I have always accumulated some knowledge that connects drug abuse and criminal tendencies. Firstly, drug abuse has become a common phenomenon with the youths who are jobless either by the fact that they have no specific training that can allow them contribute substantially in a work place or that there are no employment opportunities to absorb them. A state of juvenile delinquency where a state of lawlessness is witness among the youths becomes the order. In this case, the youths spend most of their time in drug zones and this facilitates their ability to turn into criminal activities in a bid to earn a living. This situation is fast growing and has encroached even into other learning institutions like colleges and universities. Findings In the article, the author brings out a fascinating story of the relation between the drugs and crimes that probably is not known to many people. Whereas to many people, it is construed that it is the taking of the drug that contributes to drug taking, the author of this journal invalidates this and refers to it as a theoretical statement that is looked into, will be found null and void. He asserts that the existing criminals started their activities, as criminals even before they started using drugs and that even if the war about drugs succeeds in its objectives, there will be a negligible decrease in criminal activities (Nordstrom and Dackis 13). ...
heir activities, as criminals even before they started using drugs and that even if the war about drugs succeeds in its objectives, there will be a negligible decrease in criminal activities (Nordstrom and Dackis 13). We find that the idea to use drugs comes much later when one has resorted to be a criminal. This finding contradicts my earlier belief that the story is the other way round. In the journal, the author thus makes it categorical that that the contribution of the drugs in criminal activities is minimal. In the journal, we also find that drugs can only be linked to criminal activities in three ways; political corruption and money laundering are some of the criminal activities in which powerful drug barons engage in an attempt to cushion themselves to survive in the business and to facilitate their activities (Nordstrom and Dackis 18). This is the stage of the drug dealers, at the stage of the actual drug users, criminal activities are dedicated to acquire the resources to buy the drugs and under the impact of the drugs. The position is that most drug users will commit crime to get money or under the influence of the drugs without any prior arrangements (Nordstrom and Dackis 21). The drug themselves defines crime through possession, use or sale. If one is found guilty of any of the stated criterion, he is guilty before the law as a criminal. Conclusion Following a critical reading of the article, I have learned that the connection between that drugs and crimes is that crimes precede criminal activities as opposed to my earlier version. I have also known ways through which drugs can be considered under the law as contributing to criminal activities right from the dealers to the actual users and those who simply possess them. Notwithstanding the useful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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