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Health Campaign Part 2 - Essay Example

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The main objective of this paper is to further expound and proffer the relevant issues surrounding obesity, as a national agenda specifically identified in Healthy People 2010, with the following specifically defined goals, to wit: (1) to provide a summary of Part I in a single…
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Health Campaign Part 2
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Download file to see previous pages you identified in Part I; (3) to describe the target population’s incidence, prevalence, and mortality differences between the national and state level; (4) to explain the community-based response to the issue, including community-based planning, needs assessments, and selection of locally identified objectives; (5) to compare institutional and community leadership roles in responding to these targeted health objectives; (6) to describe any economic factors and funding intervention strategies that will address the issue; and (7) to describe the role of social marketing in promoting public health related to the issue of obesity.
The issue of addressing obesity has been specifically identified as a national agenda in Healthy People 2010. Its relevance and priority to focus on this chronic illness and to seek ways to address it are possible through epidemiology surveillance systems and tools implemented both in the local and state levels. Several local agencies working in conjunction with national health organizations have outlined strategies and measurements to prevent obesity in their specific areas. When collated, the data form part of the national statistics which inform the public of the updates on this chronic illness. The numerous local and state agencies within the country give authoritative data, facts, and statistics; as well as goals, projected outcomes, and recommendations to assist the public afflicted with obesity. Likewise, professionals, both in local and state agencies, are ready to assist individuals in ensuring that an effective successful long term weight loss is achieved.
In this regard, this essay is written to further expound and proffer the relevant issues surrounding obesity, as a national agenda specifically identified in Healthy People 2010, with the following specifically defined goals, to wit: (1) to describe how the target population is defined at the national level and compare how these data may differ in the defined community, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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