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Barriers and facilitators in collaboration with consumers and carers - Essay Example

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Barriers and Facilitators in a Multi-Disciplinary Mental Health Care System Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction Less than half of the 23.7 million adults experiencing serious psychological problems received mental health care owing to financial, systemic and social hindrances…
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Barriers and facilitators in collaboration with consumers and carers
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Download file to see previous pages The reason for failure of comprehensive health care being administered was that there is a lacking of well-trained mental health care staff and certain infrastructure not being in place making it difficult to provide quality care (Sundararamann, 2009). The Journal of the American Medical Association, which features a study carried out by the Centre for Disease Control lists tobacco, poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption and infections as the main predisposing factors that result in death. This implies that focus should be on administering health care primarily in the form of educating the public as opposed to focusing on heart diseases, cancer and stroke, as has been the case. America has the largest budget on health care making it perceivable as the best in health care administration; however, this is not the case as the budget goes to medical care instead where the best medical facilities in form of research centres and medical schools have been set up. It thus becomes imperative to create a distinction between medical care and health care where the former is characterized by use of new technologies and the latter is centred on administration of quality care. In America this is evidenced by the fact that it has a higher infant mortality rate compared to England and France and similarly a shorter life span compared to Japan (Schimpff, 2012). In dealing with this problem of non-comprehensive mental health care administration, a mulch disciplinary team has become the solution where medical specialists from various fields are assembled to design a system that will facilitate quality health care administration. This is because a mulch disciplinary approach has been proven to achieve the best results when solving complex social problems such as childhood obesity. It follows a system of design thinking, which is defined as a novel, empirical, human centred, investigative approach to innovation aimed at providing innovative solutions not just to social organizations but businesses as well. It involves bringing together psychologists, anthropologists and other specialists to work collaboratively to design a system that solves a social problem in terms of administration of quality care. In most cases, consumers are also included in the designing in order to ensure the solution arrived at is agreeable. Its popularity arises from the fact that various skills, mind-sets and processes that have been gathered due to experience and cannot be taught in schools, are combined (Innovation design thinking, n.d). Mental health care refers to a broad range of services that vary from marital or family counselling to more specialized treatments for illnesses such as bipolar. It also encompasses mental disorders alluded to certain age groups for instance Alzheimer’s in old people and Attention Deficit Disorder in children, along with postpartum depression in middle-aged people. When administering mental health care, the services would include counselling, prescribing medications, inpatient care and outpatient care. There has been a shift in attention to medical health care following incidences such as the Virginia Tech shooting, leading the Congress to set out to transform the mental health care system; more so, because there was an outcry by the public regarding its adequacy. In 2008, following the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, health insurers that choose to cover ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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