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ADVANCED BUSINESS STRUCTURES: Organizational Plan of Autonomy - Essay Example

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The Company has clients in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Autonomy Systems, Autonomy Belgium, Autonomy France, Autonomy Netherlands, Autonomy…
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ADVANCED BUSINESS STRUCTURES: Organizational Plan of Autonomy
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Extract of sample "ADVANCED BUSINESS STRUCTURES: Organizational Plan of Autonomy"

Download file to see previous pages Competitive advantage and survival include the ability to recognize and act on patterns before others. This approach has been considered innovative as countries and businesses continue to reinvent themselves. A focus on pattern based strategy allows organizations to be proactive rather than reactive as previous approaches were strained to seek changes, predict outcomes, guide decisions, and assist leaders for defining governance models to embrace change. Autonomy’s technology has been applied to social media sentiment, pricing optimization, reputation management, compliance and regulatory reform, and government regulatory and intelligence applications (RNS, 2009).
Autonomy’s 2009 2nd quarter earnings was 0.21$ per share, which was below the consensus expectations of 0.24$, but exceeded last year’s 2nd quarter results by 46.85%. Annual earnings for 2008 was 0.62$ per share. Semi annual revenues for 2009 was 324.97M$, which was below analysis estimates of 330.90M$. The latest analyst poll indicates 8 buy, 4 outperform, 6 hold, and 4 sell recommendations on the Company’s stock. The Company’s stock traded on the London Stock Exchange for 1,446 GBX with a P/E ratio of 33.18. The free float was 217.15M shares with a market cap of 3.55B GBP. The Company has given a return of 913.52% over the last five year period. On an annual basis, the Company’s gross margin was 82.51%, net profit margin was 26.22%, and operating margin was 37.20%. The return on assets was 9.91%, return on equity was 12.78%, and return on investment was 11.65%. The cash flow per share was 0.61$, and book value per share was 4.06$ per share. The current ratio was 1.28 and the quick ratio was 1.27. The total debt to total equity was 0.1216 and total debt to total capital was 0.1084 (, 2009).
The group’s core technology, types of revenue, and associated costs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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