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My personal experience with public speaking confirms that every individual can improve his skill in public speaking through…
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Publick Speaking and Me
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Public Speaking and Me Public speaking is an important part of a man’s life in the society and one can improve the skill of public speaking through training and coaching. My personal experience with public speaking confirms that every individual can improve his skill in public speaking through definite strategies and training. I am an international student from Venezuela and the experience I got from this particular course has considerably helped me to effectively talk in front of an audience. Public speaking can be comprehended as the process of speaking to an audience in a well thought-out, purposeful way in order to inform, influence, or entertain the audience and it requires the effective use of language, voice, volume, eye contact, gestures, conversational style, and visual aids.
As public speaking has become a very important activity in the contemporary social contexts, the formal training of the various techniques of public speaking is essential. One can be effectively trained in the use of voice, volume, gestures, posture, conversational style, nonverbal communication, projection, eye contact etc. The technical training in establishing the tone, vocal flexibility, the formation of words, making the point, indicating values and relations, expressing feelings, showing the picture, and expression by action etc can help one in effectively making a public speaking and the training of these technical elements has influenced my skill in public speaking. The utility of gestures, postures, and nonverbal communication is fundamental in expression by action and proper training is required.
Similarly, presenting the theme of the speech effectively to the audience is one of the basic elements determining the success of public speaking. For this, the speaker requires proper preplanning and research about the topic to be dealt with. Organization of the content in a logical order is also important to convey the message effectively to the audience. Therefore, the speaker should be well prepared with his topic and be confident to present it in a logical manner.
One of the basic intension of every speech is persuasion and the speaker should be able to convey his ideas through the effective use of language, vocal flexibility with good tone and volume, nonverbal communication, posture, gesture, conversational style etc. An audience-centered attitude is also essential for the speaker to be effective and the feelings of the audience should be given great priority. The speaker’s eye-contact with the audience is fundamental to establish audience-centeredness.
In concussion, an individual can improve his public speaking ability through proper guidance and training, and my experience with public speaking best illustrates this fact. The course in public speaking has played a major role in developing the various techniques of public speaking. In short, every individual who wants to improve his/her public speaking skills should undergo such training programs. Read More
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Publick Speaking and Me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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