Anxiety in Public Speaking - Assignment Example

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The author examines the problem of public speaking anxiety which is one of the single most important encounters that an individual can engage in. The author also describes the strategies for effective speaking and how to overcome the fear related to public speaking…
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Anxiety in Public Speaking
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Anxiety In Public Speaking Introduction Public speaking is one of the single most important encounters that an individual can engage in, yet it exhibits a number of challenges. The credibility and validity of the message being passed are dependent on the fluency of the speaker in narrating key points from the topic. Instability and inappropriate preparations can seriously hamper an individual in relaying the relevant information to the audience. Individuals are not homogenous when it comes to public speaking, and this means that individuals have a number of challenges. People who engage in public speaking may exhibit nervous traits effectively affecting the extent to which they can connect with the audience in terms of communication. Working to overcome the fear and challenges of public speaking is of the essence.
Strategies for effective speaking
The message submission from week two can be revised based on the strategies for effective speaking to ensure reliability and validity of the information being passed to the audience. One of the strategies that can be employed is avoiding unnecessary vocabularies or complicated wordings (Sellnow et al., 2009). It is important to employ concise and clear words to guarantee simplicity in understanding the content of the message being passed to the audience. The message could be revised by avoiding the use of pauses as pitches. Secondly, message submission can be revised by applying visuals in passing the information to the audience. Visuals play an important role in the sense that they reinforce the information being passed to the listeners (Sellnow et al., 2009). Ideally, the visuals provide a platform through which speakers can easily relate with the listeners effectively making information credible and valid.
Fear Or Anxiety related to Public Speaking
Challenges in public speaking are normally reinforced either by anxiety or fear. Evaluation and scrutiny by members of the public is one of the fears that I subscribe to in so far as speaking is concerned. Members of the audience are characterized by diversity in professionalism and immense knowledge. Consequently, some listeners may be well conversant with the topic being discussed. Such persons may evaluate and scrutinize the information against the facts, and this is a great fear (Osborn & Osborn, 2007). Nervousness is another fear that affects my speaking. Being nervous can have far reaching implications for the manner in which information is passed to the audience. Nervousness can also alter the intent of the message effectively distorting the ideas and issues of discussion (Osborn & Osborn, 2007).
Anxiety or fear related to public speaking may influence a potential speaker and alter the intent of the message. For instance, an individual who is nervous may not have the stability of the mind or the required preparedness to deliver the message in effect altering the intent of the message (Beck, 2010). Secondly, fear can make individuals gamble with the information and failing to ensure coherency in the message passed to the audience.
Public speaking is challenging duty and is one of the most dreaded exercises by individuals. The application of visuals and appropriate use of words are some of the strategies that can be employed to ensure fluency in message submission. Nervousness and fear of being evaluated by the audience are some of the challenging issues public speakers face. Anxiety or fear can negatively affect the stability of a speaker to relay the message to the audience as appropriate.
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Anxiety in Public Speaking Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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