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The symptoms could vary from hesitation, nausea, panic attacks to anxiety before any verbal communication.
I use to hesitate, when was required to deliver my speech using…
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Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking
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Fear of Public Speaking Reasons and Remedy! By:__________ ____________ ________________ Fear of Public Speaking is commonly known as Glassophobia (Origin: Greek, glossa: Tongue, Phobia: Dread). The symptoms could vary from hesitation, nausea, panic attacks to anxiety before any verbal communication.
Many people do quite well despite of this fear, but for some it can turn into a chronic, horrible nightmare. There are many reasons that can lead to it development, namely:
Lack of confidence that people will laugh at you mainly because you have some personal disability.
Self-doubt that you are not capable of speaking in front of public.
Fear of standing alone on the stage and facing large audience.
Don’t know how to deliver your speech.
Thousand of tips have been suggested in various books, articles, etc on how to manage this fear. What I believe works for me are:
You have to talk: The little bit of anxiety should be accepted and neglected.
Do not try to hide your fear: you will express it more. Be confident and don’t think of the audience as your judges, rather people who are there to listen to you.
Do not rush at your words: Speak in the speed and language you have command on and are comfortable with.
Know your material and know your audience.
I use to hesitate, when was required to deliver my speech using only a foreign language even if I knew my material thoroughly. But slowly, I learnt the art of mixing the native and foreign languages in my speech with extreme confidence and fluency. The switch between the languages whenever and whichever suits me during my speech, not only facilitates the audience in better understanding but also in following me, throughout the speech. It gave me the command to easily explain my material.
I recommend everyone with this fear, to be confident, not to hesitate and not to get stressed. Be open and expressive to audience, if you make a mistake, admit it and move on with a small smile. Trust me, the power, of controlling the audience understanding and emotion and a small appreciation by them at the end of your speech, is so overwhelming that, you will fall in love with public speaking!
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