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As much as we think that speaking is not a necessary or important aspect to our lives; it is and will persist to be as we become successful in our professions, in…
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Essentials of Public Speaking Fifth Edition Cheryl Hamilton Tarrant country collage-NE Campus
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due: Essentials of Public Speaking Fifth Edition Cheryl Hamilton Tarrant country collage-NE Campus: 8/ 29 working in groups
The most vital aspect I have learned in chapter one and four is that public speaking is beneficial to one’s life. As much as we think that speaking is not a necessary or important aspect to our lives; it is and will persist to be as we become successful in our professions, in fact, it will be surprising to us as how much opportunity we will have to give speeches. It is amazing to have the ability and buoyancy to stand in front of a group of people and have an organized, dynamic speech, which the audience will appreciate. Having the knowledge to give speeches can be beneficial to as and to the society (Hamilton 4). This is because sometimes the government relies on certain citizens for contribution; chances to present a speech are almost unlimited. Not only does learning to present speeches is an advantage to the society, but also it helps to improve our careers, many companies have their speaker bureau of which they use them to release their message to the public (Hamilton 6). An example of public speaking includes announcements. When analyzing an audience, first, I conduct a poll that will determine if the audience is familiar with the topic of discussion. I have learnt that I should get to know the audience beliefs, morals, values, sex and age. Moreover, I have learnt to make sure to know what type of audience I have, and plan on how to make them listen to me and still remember. In addition, while researching, I make sure that I do it thoroughly and take notes. In addition, I have learnt to include names of author and page numbers where necessary (Hamilton 71).
9/5 Listening
The best way to improve active listening as described in chapter two and three is by involving my audience (giving them an emotional stake) in what one is saying there are likely to listen attentively to your speech (Hamilton 57). Practice reduces speech anxiety because when one practices they feel more prepared. Speaker anxiety is a feeling of nervousness and uncomfortable while speaking before an audience. Most speakers that undergo speaker anxiety feel that it is almost awkward to get rid of, but the experienced speakers know how to overcome speaker anxiety. One can use negative emotions for example fear, guilt, shame or anger, but one can still use positive emotions such as joy, relief, hope or compassion. One must also make the audience feel there is something in our speech that will benefit them. If a speaker needs his or her audience to trust and understand the hummer and the information in their speech, they need to do the following; they should be personal in an impersonal this is because the audience will always remember the impression one puts out there more than the facts he gives, communicate directly and make the audience feel important (Hamilton 59).
9/12 Organization and outlining
Effective organization can make public speaking much simpler because it increases the likelihood that one’s speech becomes effective. It always makes it easy for one’s audience to recognize the key points. The most important concept in a persuasive speech in chapter five, six, and seven is that it is necessary to be organized; therefore, when researching it is important to have a rough copy, then you will be able to outline your main points (Hamilton 102). I should not write a speech without being organized, and poor organization will make me ramble in front of the audience and will make them less attentive. When preparing a speech, I should ensure the audience is attentive and listens even when things move in a logical progression. When presenting a speech, I should not overuse explanations on the data; this makes the speech too procedural to appeal to an audience (Hamilton 125). Organization increases the likelihood that one’s speech becomes effective. It always makes it easy for ones audience to recognize the key ideas. Brief and the short quotation can also make effective conclusion. For example, effective organization is seen in a politicians speech how fluent he is will determine how the listeners will act.
9/ 19 Research continued
The most important concept in a persuasive speech in chapter 11, 12, and 13 is that Persuasive speeches are used to persuade an audience, speakers, therefore, should use more language that is pointed and should convince the audience or inspire spectators to take a specific action (Hamilton 283). In addition, informative speech gives the audience information about a specific topic; its aim is to help the spectators learn and understand more about you topic (Hamilton 249). An audience is always interested in getting the information, in order to reach a bigger audience the message should be captivating to the people, who are only interested in the message so that that they can level it and see if it matches their belief. The reliability and status of the speaker indicate that the acceptance of the message by the audience. For instance, when a marketing agent needs to persuade a consumer on a product that he or she is selling, they convince till the consumer feels that it is worth buying it.
9/26 Delivery
The most important thing about nonverbal communication in chapter 8 is effective speech delivery. It should be natural, conventional and believable. Ensuring that one’s speech is perfect one needs to practice loudly. Practicing severally will make one anxiety to lessen and therefore add courage (Hamilton, 196). Effective speakers do not read their speeches. Speakers who read do not have effective eye contacts with their audience. They appear unprepared and untrustworthy, on the other hand, when a speaker makes good eye contact and appear calms; the audience feels that they are listening to a prepared and trustworthy source. It is also important to use gestures and move about during transitions. For example, when a lecturer is reading from a textbook, his or her students are likely to sleep during classes but when he is explaining it well, students are more attentive.
10/17-Speech day (extemp)
The most difficult thing about extemporaneous speaking is memorizing speeches. Memorizing speeches can be a very intimidating experience. Therefore, one needs to memorize his or her speech or use notes or visual notes to help remember. As a presenter, one should make sure that the audience is attentive from the address given. For example, in a campaign rally, the opponent, usually, has notes written down, for easier speech delivery. Moreover, this individual also knows how to keep the audience attentive to the mentioned points.
11-14 Speech Day
The link between extemporaneous speaking and critical thinking is that in extemporaneous speaking one has to make a speech without any preparations, in other words, its when a speaker is told to make a speech abruptly. Therefore, one needs to think critically about what they are going to talk about in their speech and whether it can be helpful in your argument or whether it reaches the goals to what you are to talk about. Critical thinking is necessary when creating a good speech, to win an argument when giving a speech and to keep the audience’s attention.
Diagram drawing
Speech preparation by researching
Polishing of ideas
Rehearsing and practicing
Deliver the speech to an audience
Work cited
Hamilton, Cheryl. Essentials of Public Speaking. Boston: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2012.
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