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Most Christians believe that the Holy Grail has definite relations with Jesus Christ. It was, they say, his goblet. These images were popularized by writers, which brought out a story about…
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The Holy Grail
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, they would say the Holy Grail was not only a mystery, secrecy, or adventure but it also required much valuable knowledge from people if they shared the same historical background. A brief discussion on the historical background of the Holy Grail however, may be of some help in understanding the thesis. In the modern day, a majority will agree that the Holy Grail is a cup or a goblet that is related to Christ. However, we should not assume that the Holy Grail is merely an object. People also have other ideas about the Holy Grail that it could be a Blood Line, figure of Christ, or even Christ himself. The Holy Grail is a symbol of blood from Christ and that it was also the cup used while they were drinking wine. In addition, it was also used to gather the blood of Christ while he was hung on the cross. Some people believe that this cup has lots of miraculous powers.. For instance, it has the privilege to communicate with God, which, some believed, might bring them treatment, recycling, even immortality. There is also testimony to the assumption that the Holy Grail is the Blood Line of Christ. The word Holy Grail has changed a couple of times and Sangreal is just one of the words which referred to Christs cup before the advent of the word Holy Grail. The word Sangreal connotes a word San Greal that also suggests the meaning of Blood Line of Christ. The evidence of this theory is comes from the belief of some people that a baby was actually born to Christ and Mary Magdalene. Some theorists proclaim that this royal bloodline still remains today. The theory that we can finally come to about the Holy Grail is that the Holy Grail is just a cup, which simply symbolizes Christ. This is what the Catholics believe. In Catholicism, it is believed that Christ is sanctity, therefore, he did not marry Mary Magdalene nor did he have any children or any sort of bloodline. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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