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Work-case assessment & diagnosis assignment Name of institution: Corse name: Date due: Part 1: Diagnostic assessment Axis 1 Diagnosis: schizophrenia (Catatonic type), anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and depression. Code: 295.20, 300.02, 296.55 and 296.34 respectively…
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Social Work-Case Assessment & Diagnosis Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Axis 2 Diagnosis: paranoid personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. Code: 301, 301.20, 301.22, 301.7 and 301.83 respectively. Justification: Parry lives in seclusion in a basement and he is paranoid about the Red Knight who is hunting him. He also did not talk or socialize for one year. Axis 3 Diagnosis: intense fear, helplessness (post traumatic stress disorder) Code: 309.81 Justification: parry is still affected by the sudden death of this wife and this aggravates his condition. Parry experiences specific hallucinations, e.g., a red knight riding a horse in Central Park with flames shooting out of his head. Axis 4 Psychosocial factors Justification: Parry experienced the cold murder of his wife by the hand of a psychotic radio caller and he became traumatized by this experience. Axis 5 (RANGE & GAF score): 41 – 50 serious symptoms are experienced for example severe observational rituals, serious impairment in social, occupational or school function for example no friends, unable to keep a job or unable to work. Justification: parry has an obsessive ritual, where he prays, and also he has a shrine in his basement for his dead wife. He cannot work and has no friends. Part 2: Diagnostic Work-Up Schizophrenia is not associated with any characteristic laboratory results. However the following blood test should be performed; complete blood count (CBC), liver, thyroid and renal function test, electrolyte, glucose, vitamin B – 12, serum methyl malonic acid, folate and calcium level. Neuropsychological testing may be considered determination of the patient’s cognitive weakness and strengths can be helpful in treatment planning. Other tests to be considered will depend on the family medical history. Clinical Problem Henry Segan was an educator, married and loved his wife and led a normal life. He slipped into a catatonic state after his wife was murdered in cold blood, and he remained in that state for 3 years. He latter emerged from it but as a different person, ‘Parry’ with a mission to find the Holy Grail. He has a number of clinical problems like schizophrenia catatonic type, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety disorder. Families are usually more distressed by the patient’s disorganization rather than the negative symptoms in the first episode psychosis (Addington et al, 2003). Despite all that he is a generous man in that he rescues Jack from a bunch of beggars and gives his money to a poor man in the streets (money that was supposed to be his). He tries to cope with the situation by keeping memories of his dead wife (pictures of her) in his basement where he lives. He also becomes a stalker of a woman he likes, and he follows her around during her lunch break. He is happy when doing this and this can be used to improve adaptation to life changes by holding on to what is necessary and forgetting the things that hurt us/painful memories. Parry is trying to move on from his dark past, but he cannot without the proper assistance. Clinical theory I will use evidence based clinical theory with the patient to help him separate reality, and fantasy by sharing evidence with him so as to enable him make life changing decisions. Human Behavior Theories We are able to determine the issues that led to the client’s psychological behavior through the human behavior theories. Social psychology theory binds us in a world where we socialize and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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