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Key Terms - Assignment Example

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These include those children with disabilities and those with special talents or gifts.
Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of…
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Key Terms
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"Key Terms"

Download file to see previous pages Ecological model is defined as an abstract in mathematical representation of an ecological system, which is studied to understand the actual system. They are formed by a combination of ecological relations and the gathered data in the fields.
Family centered model is a way of working with both formal families and informal families across the systems of service to enhance their capacity to care and protect the children in their families as well as recognize the value of women’s employment.
Family empowerment is defined a process by which the families access knowledge, skills and resources that help them to gain positive control of their lives as well and improve the quality of their life-styles
High incidence disabilities are children who have different education needs and styles. They have communication disorders, mild mental retardation, and specific learning disabilities including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Individualize education program is a mandated program by Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that gives opportunities to teachers, parents, school administrators, and students to work together and improve educational results for children with disabilities.
Low-incidence disabilities are students who are characterized by blindness, low vision, deafness, hard-of-hearing, development delay, complex health issues, serious physical impairment, multiple disability and autism.
Academic aptitude are those students who have potential to demonstrate exceptional strength in a specific area if academics. They have exceptional ability in one or more subject areas, that they performing beyond the norm for their age group.
Continuum of Service is the range of placements, programs and services available for exceptional special needs of a student including regular classroom, to part time withdrawal to self-contained ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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