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CAPTCHA - Thesis Proposal Example

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Internets increase in size and services has brought about a lot of many conveniences but in order for this to be achieved a lot of challenges are being faced. Some of these challenges are in differentiating between legitimate computer users and unauthorized computer bots. This…
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Download file to see previous pages This thesis will also give a proposal on the future directions of creating reliable CAPTCHAS.
The main of this study is to determine the major visual visula CAPTCHAS being used and how they are created. The anti-segmentation and and anti-recognition techniques that are currently being used to make CAPTCHAS very hard for automated computer attacks and bots to segment the CAPTCHAS. This is intended to eventually help in creation of reliable CAPTCHAS.
There is increased insecurity by many web users in maintaining their privacy due to many hackers being able to acquire users personal information details. This study is to impact and increase users confidence in the use of CAPTCHAS as a security tool and to help visual CAPTCHA designers to formulate the best algorithms that will be used in creation of reliable anti-recognition and anti-segmentation techniques. This will eventually make user information and use of CAPTCHAS very secure against automated computer bots.
We will perform a deep analysis of the different anti-segmentation techniques that are used to prevent separation of CAPTCHAS characters in order to make a sense from them like collapsing, distortion and noise. We will also study some anti-recognition techniques like collapsing, distortion, waving and using multiple-fonts and sizes. We will be conducting a comparative research based on existing research in this area and concerns over information security. We will collect data and statistics and represent the finding in forms of tables and charts.
`This study will be done through analysis and comparisons of previously researches done on the increase of security of CAPTCHAS. This will involve acquiring sample data and statistics relating to anti-segmentation, anti-recognition success rates of various visual CAPTCHAS. Comparing some algorithms used in the design of CAPTCHAS.
The data in this study will be mostly acquired from previous researches done on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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