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Anti-feminism on Tv - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Anti-feminism on TV Literature review Social According to Gill (2006), post feminism discourses are contradictory carrying within them both feminist and anti-feminist themes. Gill (2006), views that the media is a social tool, which has been used in the post feminist era to propagate anti-feminism…
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Anti-feminism on Tv
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"Anti-feminism on Tv"

Download file to see previous pages Feminism on media (TV) can be viewed as a response to the anxiety of status brought about by social change. According to Callaway (2008), the struggle for women’s identity and place in society led to strong feminist movements that are being antagonized in anti-feminism campaigns spearheaded by what is portrayed on TV (women’s bodies as sex objects). Hammer, R and Kellner, D (2006) are keen to discuss the feminists who are not really for feminism but are anti-feminists in actual sense, for example Camille Paglia. According to, anti- Political According to Ray (2002), anti-feminism is high in the political arena which necessitates the need for “The New Political Compass.” Furthermore, Motta, Fominaya, Eschle, and Cox (2011), indicates that post feminism seems to have plunged the political feminist movement into a crisis with women leaders losing the fight against anti-feminism in the media (TV). According to Downes (2009), political satire in cartoons has enhanced anti-feminism in the media by depicting women running for office as lacking womanliness or femininity. According to Paglia (2008), systemic anti-feminism has become popular culture on TV which is a hindrance to political ambitions of women. Haase (2004), cultural shifts and post feminist discourse on TV as well anti-feminist backlash have distorted political ambition for young female viewers. Economic According to Olson and Worsham (2001), ultimate anti-feminism is epitomized on television in the laugh industry for economic gains but demeaning women. On her discussion of anti-feminism shows how women are prejudiced against economically because of failure to exercise control over their reproductive health. According to Delap and Heilmann (2006), critical feminist dialogue has often broken down due to the economic inferiority of women portrayed even on TV. According to Haraway (2006), the ironic political myth shown on television that claims faithfulness to feminism and women affairs socially and economically is in actual sense anti-feminism. The urge to limit feminism by anti-feminists is taken to the extent of involving the media in portraying women as prostitutes due to economic oppression. Analysis of Anti-feminism Women see anti-feminism as an ideology that goes against the quest for equality of rights and representation. It is usually based on cultural beliefs or even religious teachings, which purport that women are inferior to men. According to the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), an anti-feminist is defined as a person (usually a man) opposed to feminism or to women; one who is hostile to the idea of sexual equality or to the advocacy of the rights of women. Feminism on the other hand is a collection of ideologies and movements with an aim to defend, define, and establish equal social, economic, and political rights for women. Therefore, a feminist is one who is in support of or advocates equality of women. Antifeminism is thus opposition to all that feminism stands for in one way or another. The characteristics of anti-feminism are behaviors or ideas that portray disbelief in social, political, or economic equality of sexes. Anti-feminism started and was centered on opposition to suffrage by women in the 19th century. Some people opposed to women entering institutions of higher learning brought about the argument that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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