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Feminist Analysis of TV Show 30 Rock - Essay Example

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Synopsis: This is a three page MLA citation style essay with two works cited on Chapter 7. The title of this Chapter is Feminist Criticism and Television By E. Ann Kaplan. In the American television show called 30 Rock, there are important characteristics of the female gender which have been subdued in a male oriented society…
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Feminist Analysis of TV Show 30 Rock
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"Feminist Analysis of TV Show 30 Rock"

Download file to see previous pages This factor threatens male egocentricity. Feminine perceptions are more humanistic. This is manifested in the show 30 Rock and its popularity. Feminists with Marxist perceptions would place emphasis on the manner in which the social systems and motivations of capital gain have hindered the humane feminist values from coming to light. Feminists with a radical perspective would conclude that the subduction of this feminist approach is a result of male egocentricity. This is also due to society's insistence of sexual orientation, rather than making allowances for individual freedom of choice. There is also the insistence of the perception of the consumption oriented nuclear family. Feminists who maintain a liberal perspective perceive things in a different light ( Kaplan : 252). The feminine perspective is essential to the male dominated society as demonstrated by the relationship between Liz (Tina Fey) and Jack (Alex Baldwin). There exists the possibility of interchanging sexual identities. In order to totally become human, different perspectives must be adapted. The American television series 30 Rock, demonstrates the interchange of roles between masculine and feminine genders. Prior to the 1990s, during the era of 1963- 1980, females were only portrayed as sexual objects or for the fulfillment of masculine needs. The sexual objects and need fillers were put into place in order to fulfill the masculine requirements and desires. This resulted in the feminist desire to eradicate this type of subduction (Kaplan : 253). There are three categories of feminist, each with a specific motivation and objective ( Kaplan :252). The feminist perspectives which were popularized in the 1990s are still popular today. The first category of feminist evaluation and research requires that the members of the female gender be treated as peers. This venue has two possible outcomes. One approach may conclude with domesticated feminism. This is representative of feminine roles of the nineteenth century. The second possible outcome of this venue is a liberal female female perspective, which is more representative of the present. From my feminist perspective, Liz (Tina Fey) is the embodiment of both. In the liberal feminine perspective, females are allowed to vie within the institutional framework for equal rights to employment and self determination. This requires that the female be perceived as a peer. This perception by society includes the rights and obligations of equal treatment. This perspective has resulted in the American male adopting the roles in the household which would be normally classified as feminine such as cooking, cleaning, babysitting (Kaplan: 254). A primary type of feminine role perception exists in Diana Meehan's Ladies of the Evening: Woman Characters in Prime Time Television. The second category of feminine television production is viewed by the “pre- Althusserian Marxist” feminist perspective. This perspective perceives television as an extension of capitalist society. These theorist propose that television interests are founded upon the manipulation of the television viewer as a consumer Kaplan: 257). A third category of feminist evaluation arises from the radical feminist perspective. In this perspective, the female gender is perceived as superior. Liz (Tina Fey) perceives herself as superior, she does not need a relationship with a man. Liz (Tina Fey) can get things done by herself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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