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The contemporary period can be considered to possess a number of artists that can be considered of substance and grace in the corresponding field. This particular era in history was marked by the uprising of various trends in arts and the foray of women and other unlikely sections of the society into the world of art, media, corporate sector, world politics and various other fields…
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Is feminism still relevant in todays society
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Download file to see previous pages Unlike the modern times, feminism was not reflected in policy changes as yet and was still confined to mere forms of expression. This was one of the key features of the trend called feminism as has been discussed below. This play of feminism also depicts the relationship between theory and practice as reflected in the events and perceptions in various parts of the world which forms the basic crux of the paper.
This paper stands for the fact that feminism is as relevant today as it was when it began in the 1970s; if not more. Today, the pressure on a woman to perform and prove herself is far greater considering the fact that she is actually being given the chance to join shoulders with her male counterpart in any field. This is due to the fact that feminism is an amalgamation of the work carried out over centuries by precursors of the feminist movement which abolished the sign of male dominated tactics where imparting equal education in qualitative and quantitative terms was concerned. (Pateman, 1983) This topic is a challenging one as it focuses on a specific area in gender philosophy. The parameters to be studied are now deeply rooted in the history of our domestic, social and educational system and thus hold a large amount of interest and fascination for a student of feminist issues. Further, the time period being studied is of utmost importance where revolutionary trends in feminist approaches are concerned. In this regard, the work of feminists was the foundation stone for modern day theories in a very subtle manner. Every change happens through education and the study of changing trends in education to show the elements of emerging feminist trends of the period is a challenging and fascinating subject. (Pateman, 1983)

Case Study: Education
This brings to a case in history. British girls receiving secondary education in the nineteenth century rose from 20,000 in 1920 to 185,000 in 1897. Education concept at this stage favors the boys giving them the right access to complete education curriculum for their personal success as professionals while the girls were resigned to classes in drawing room which is more social rather than intellectual. This resulted to the option of home study where only a minority attends boarding schools of non academic nature of curriculum. Low middle class girls in the absence of motivation for schools attendance goes to small local day schools at about 4 to 5 years from the age of ten but with apparently low levels of achievements noted. The Act 1944 imposes parents' obligations to secure the respective education of their children which was interpreted by parents or carers as taking this responsibility of educating their children within the available local schools serving the community or taking their education outside the state system of which options are having to study at home or be sent to independent day or boarding schools which are rather expensive and as stated non academic in nature of curriculum. In 1850, the North London Collegiate School was established and was the first fee paying day schools or high schools that offered similar education as of that of the boys. In 1869, the Endowed Schools Act which was once exclusive for male was reformed to allow girls to join grammar schools. In 1872 the Girls' Public Day School Company was opened followed by the opening of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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