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Biopsychosocial Identification of an HIV Positive Client - Assignment Example

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This paper "Biopsychosocial Identification of an HIV Positive Client" focuses on the detailed identification of the client needed to understand the emotional and social interactions regarding the client. The following biopsychosocial assessment was conducted on an HIV positive client.  …
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Biopsychosocial Identification of an HIV Positive Client
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Download file to see previous pages Psychiatric disorders accompany HIV positive individuals, such as depression upon realization of their status. The client in this case study has receded into denial which cannot allow him to share his status with his client. Assessments establish the psychological functioning of the client before the diagnosis. General medical report from his clinician as well as a mental health report indicated that the client was ready and fit to begin therapy.
Family background: the client is the first born in a family of four. The others are girls who are still at school. The father is a church minister and the mother is also a staunch Christian. The client defied the Christian upbringing and eventually contracted HIV which has been the cause of his distress.
Relationships history: the client has been involved in two other relationships which did not work out. The reasons for his break-ups from the previous relationships ware largely due to dual relationship issues prompting the client’s lovers to abandon him. These relationships were intimate sexual relationships even though they have not had intimate sexual relations with the current girlfriend.
The client has been diagnosed with HIV and has not come to terms with the condition. Despite the challenge in disclosing the information to the fiancé, he has not absorbed the shock of learning that he is HIV positive. The client is worried that he is going to die. “I can’t imagine it is happening to me, my life is over now,” he says as he breaks down to tears. It is clear that he has had a promiscuous lifestyle when he laments of defying his parents, “Dad and Mum were right, I should have avoided the irresponsible sexual behaviour.” The client is withdrawn from limelight fearing that people would discuss his status. Furthermore, he does not want his fiancé to learn of his status. The fiancé gets dragged into this challenge in that marriage with the client would not be practical since she is HIV negative - “She is HIV negative and would not look at me if she knew about it, what could we be talking about?   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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