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Nearly all of the psychological problems which most of the people suffer from are primarily present due to a certain deficiency or deficiencies that occur within families. Any human being is born to live from his first day as a part of a small system called the family…
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Counceling (w3)
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Counseling What are Family Systems Theories:- Nearly all of the psychological problems which most of the people suffer from are primarily present due to a certain deficiency or deficiencies that occur within families. Any human being is born to live from his first day as a part of a small system called the family. Therefore, the family is very important for the mental and physical well being of any person now and in his coming future. From my point of view, a family is a small organization where all members should be working together for the welfare of this unit. Any defect will definitely have a major influence on the whole organization thus, the members as well. Therefore, psychologists and psychiatrist nowadays pay a great attention in solving family problems. Psychologists have been adopting a method in their counseling therapy called "Family Systems Theory". "[It] works with families and couples to nurture change and development," (Wikipedia1). This theory perceives the family as an independent and interdependent system. Therefore, this theory focuses on fixing any present damages between the parts of the family. In other words, the Family Systems Theory aims at repairing the relationships between the family members in order to end any stressful situations and solve any existing problems. There are several techniques which the therapist uses in order to reach his prime target. However, the main and most principle step is family meetings. "This offers the opportunity to discuss specific, practical issues and provides a safe space to talk about feelings that surround [the family] and long-term planning," (CareSupportofAmerica1). The therapist meets with the family together trying to listen to their individual points of view. This step is considered to be extremely beneficial because the psychologist gets a fair chance of viewing the way each member of the family interacts with the other. Moreover, everyone gains an opportunity of knowing the other persons point of view, which can absolutely be a successful way of resolving a lot of current misunderstandings (Wikipedia1). The counselor within his sessions tries to point out and explain to the whole family different methods of dealing with problems and certain situations than the ones they have been adopting or using (Wikipedia1). In other words, the psychotherapist trains the family members how to alter their responses towards each other in certain situations in order to change their behaviors and thus prevent future conflicts.
The family systems theory is used by psychologists all over the world. However, our main focus would be the families in the United States. "Families in the United States are experiencing significant stress and functional discourse marked by unparalleled changes in family structures. The home environment for many young people represents a place of instability and emotional upheaval where security, caring, and nurturing are depleted or nonexistent," (Gilchrist1). The abnormality in the family structure like divorce, having a single parent, or the death of a family member for instance can cause severe psychological problems. This is because emotions like love, care, and security will abolish within the family as our main system and thus, damage will occur. Depression is one of the inevitable results of any psychological disturbances, "and its impact on American college students is indisputable,"(Gilchrist2). This is because depression causes lack of concentration, lack of interests, loss of appetite, feelings of worthlessness, lack of motivation, having death thoughts or suicidal thoughts and many other negative thoughts which consequently hinder studying and succeeding. Therefore, "it is imperative that schools recognize the existence and impact of family discourse and childhood trauma on students, and provide them with the support necessary to enable them to cope with their situations and succeed within the collegiate environment," (Gilchrist1). The Family Systems Theory is the most effective method used by therapists in these situations. It resolves the problem by focusing on the main cause, which is the family. Through this theory, the psychologist recognizes that depression and its other symptoms are only a logical result not a cause.
Special issues involved with counseling persons who have drug abuse problems:-
Unfortunately, there are some psychological problems which can easily lead a person to suffer from additional psychological or mental illnesses. For example, a person who is experiencing depression can easily be addicted to drugs or to alcohol. This is because drugs like heroin, cocaine, and others alleviate the mood and helps the depressed individual to feel better and happier. However, most of them are very addictive because they change the chemistry of the brain and thus, the brain can not normally function without the drug as before. On the other hand, drug abusers who are suffering from addiction most probably experience depression (NMHA1) due to their way of living. Therefore, it is a vicious circle. Drug abuse can easily lead to depression and depression can lead to drug abuse. Nevertheless, therapists who are dealing with addicts mention that "behavioral changes and consequences of drug abuse may include changes in overall personality, depression, declining grades, loss of interest in family and friends, over-sensitivity, moodiness, nervousness, paranoia, secretive or suspicious behavior, and excessive talkativeness. Often people also experience difficulty in paying attention, and a general lack of motivation and energy, sometimes characterized by a “who cares” attitude," (NHMA1). It is an endless loop of serious and difficult illnesses and diseases.
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GILCHRIST,LEIGHZ, "Personal and Psychological Problems of College Students-Family Dynamics, Eating Disorders, Substance Use, Other Psychological Disorders, Campus Services."
"">Personal and Psychological Problems of College Students - Family Dynamics, Depression, Eating Disorders, Substance Use, Other Psychological Disorders, Campus Services Read More
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