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Strong communities sharing similar needs can be a critical resource for children, supporting and, where necessary, overcoming - Dissertation Example

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“Strong communities sharing similar needs can be a critical resource for children, supporting and, where necessary, overcoming difficult family and social circumstances." (National Children's Strategy) Communities certainly play significant role in family bonding and development, social community is a place where social, regional and national issues can be discussed with utmost confidence…
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Strong communities sharing similar needs can be a critical resource for children, supporting and, where necessary, overcoming
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Extract of sample "Strong communities sharing similar needs can be a critical resource for children, supporting and, where necessary, overcoming"

Download file to see previous pages What are communities and how do they function? A community is described as social network of family and friends. The use of term ‘community’ by M.K.Smith is , ‘associated with the hope and the wish of reviving once more the closer, warmer, more harmonious type of bonds between people’ ( M. K Smith, 2001). Community has been explored in three different ways, ‘Place, Territory, place or locality where people have something in common and share element is understood geographically. Interest: They are linked together by factors such as religious beliefs, sexual orientation, occupation or ethnic origin. Communion: attachment with a place.’ (Willmott, 1986; Lee and Newby, 1983; and Crow and Allen, 1995) as cited in M.K.Smith 2001. According to Sarason, in psychological sense a community is ‘the perception of similarity to others, an acknowledged interdependence with others, a willingness to maintain this interdependence by giving to or doing for others what one expects from them, and the feeling that one is part of a larger dependable and stable structure’( Sarason 1974, p. 157). ...
Communities thus strive on solidarity, commitment, mutuality and trust and they come together for greater cause. Social communities are more dynamic functional unit and are into educating people, youth care, child development and humanitarian services, stress management and helping distressed people and providing assistance. Communities work on Social systems according to Social Psychology; there are certain theories on which social systems run. One of the theories is the family theory system. The Family Theory System finds its origin from the work of Ludwig Von Bertalanffy on General Systems Theory that the organisms are complex, organised and interactive. It explains the way the components of a system interrelate with each other to form a single unit. Similarly, the families sharing a common history show some degree of emotional bonding and thus forming a group in a community. Family systems theory allows one to understand the organisational intricacies of the families, and the pattern that guide those intricacies. The family support system works on the assertion that the members of a family carry out the daily confrontations of a family this helps them in adjusting to their needs. In order to understand the family, one must concentrate on the family as a whole unit not at the individual members, the way they interact with each other and their collective history makes this study unique. The families organise themselves into various smaller units or sub-systems to accomplish any task or goal. The Family System Theory studies about the various approaches of working with the families, this study has led to understanding the impact of traumatic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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