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Comparison of how the international community (focusing here e.g. on the UN, OSCE and Council of Europe) is dealing with Chechnya and Kosovo (independence) - Essay Example

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With the collapse of communism 1991, many historians and political commentators suggested that the solid values of market capitalism were now the ones that would be directing history. Now countries around the world would be organizing themselves under the principles of liberal…
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Comparison of how the international community (focusing here e.g. on the UN, OSCE and Council of Europe) is dealing with Chechnya and Kosovo (independence)
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"Comparison of how the international community (focusing here e.g. on the UN, OSCE and Council of Europe) is dealing with Chechnya and Kosovo (independence)"

Download file to see previous pages He uses Nietzsche to show how empty and meaningless a world with opposing politics might become. The end of the history is a very unsatisfying place. We are always looking for values and something that is worth fighting for. The question then becomes how to fight for the values we believe in. For the international community two key tests would show how they dealt with the new world that had suddenly appeared after the Cold War. One, Kosovo, would indicate someone like Fukuyama was right: a new world order committed to promoting certain key values had indeed taken center stage. The other, Chechnya, indicated nothing much had changed and that might makes right.
As Robert Kagan writes in his book Of Paradise and Power, the Balkan Wars were one of the first stumbling blocks to the concept of a peaceful new world order. It turned out that having the US as the lone power in the world was not a solution to problems around the world. There was simply too much to be responsible for. As was demonstrated in the Balkans in the 1990s, Europeans weren’t able to project a credible military force even within Europe. This was a painful time for Europe. Instead of solving global conflicts, they looked inward. The Europeans resorted to the only real talent they had at the time: endless diplomatic measure through international institutions such as the UN. The success of European integration and solving the "German problem" had led a lot of Europeans at the time, Kagan writes, to believe that they live in a Kantian paradise where international institutions could banish war forever. This illusion came crashing down with the Balkans, where the Europeans were powerless in the early 1990s, and Chechnya, where they chose to turn a blind eye, intimidated by an unstable and resurgent Russia, and unable to finding a compelling political reasons to engage.
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