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Kosovo After Independence in 2008 - Essay Example

This paper dwells on the post-independence Kosovo and the problems existing in the society. Kosovo held its first parliamentary elections on 12 December since its declaration of independence in 2008. The elections were free and fair since there were minimal irregularities cited. The irregularities that were noted during that election included that of family votes, multiple votes by the same person and mounting of pressure of election commissions. After the elections, the electoral body in Kosovo ordered for re-run in some municipalities in 2011. Kosovo operated without government as the new government was easy to form because three political parties needed to form coalition. The main issues that are eating the Kosovo society are corruption, poverty, and unemployment. Serbia has stood its ground by opposing Kosovo independence arguing that the Serbs are ready to react with all diplomatic, peaceful, and legal ways to nullify Kosovo independence. In February 2011, many Serbs fled so badly when Kosovo was declared independent taking to the streets protesting and attacking embassies of countries that supported Kosovo independence. The rule of law in Kosovo is feeble in that its weak legal system has given room for organized corruption and crime to develop. The post-independence Kosovo has become of great interest to many political analysts who in various capacities evaluate the interplay of social and political forces, together with their ability to motivate conflict in the society.

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This essay informs about the changes that took place after gaining the independence in Kosovo in 2008. The post-independence Kosovo has become of great interest to many political analysts who in various capacities evaluate the interplay of social and political forces…
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Kosovo After Independence in 2008
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