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KOSOVO independence AND KOSOVO FACTS - Essay Example

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Until recently, Serbia still refused to relinquished its effective control over the northern region of Kosovo and still refused to recognize the 2008 Kosovo Declaration of Independence (Associated Press).
The 2008 Declaratio of Independence of Kosovo was a product of a failed…
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Extract of sample "KOSOVO independence AND KOSOVO FACTS"

Teacher Kosovo Independence Until recently, Serbia still refused to relinquished its effective control over the northern region of Kosovo and still refused to recognize the 2008 Kosovo Declaration of Independence (Associated Press).
The 2008 Declaratio of Independence of Kosovo was a product of a failed initiative of Finland’s former President Martti Ahtisaari also called the Ahtisaari plan which stipulated UN’s supervised independence for Kosovo with the support of the European Union with the condition that Kosovo would obligate itself to protect its minorities’ right through the inclusion of it in the constitution and representation in the government that will be formed. In exchange, Kosovo will eventually gain self governance as guided by EU. Last year (September 10, 2012), Kosovo was given full autonomy when UN and EU peacekeeping forces withdraw its forces from Kosovo after 13 years of UN and EU oversight.
Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence was adopted on February 17, 2008 at a meeting of the Assembly of Kosovo declaring itself to be independent from its former host country Serbia. The declaration of independence meant that it will be accorded its own national symbols such as a flag and coat and arms and have its own territory demarcated on its borders. This declaration however was rejected and not recognized by Serbia. Negotiations ensued and when the negotiation did not improve, Kosovo declared its independence unilaterally as Republic of Kosovo with the sight of abiding with the Ahtisaari plan in full when it formulated its own Constitution drafted by Constitutionalist both local and abroad. The law was to take effect in June of 2008, meaning, Kosovo’s formal independence will take into effect and its commitment to Ahtisaari plan of minorities guarantee of their rights and representation in the new government.
The Declaration of Independence by Kosovo drew mixed reactions. For one, the northern region which is composed mainly Serbs were sympathetic towards Serbia and thus remained under Serbia’s effective control of which the latter refused to relinquish control despite UN’s order in exchange of full membership in the EU. As expected, the declaration of independence of Kosovo was also contested by Serbia in the UN’s International Court of Justice claiming that it was illegal. The court however decided in favor of Kosovo in October of 2008 by declaring that Kosovo’s declaration of its own independence did not violate any international law.
Until now, Kosovo is still in the process of creating its own identity as a nation. It is still in the process of creating its own national anthem. As of yet, it still does not have its own country code and unlike in other Balkan countries, its citizens still cannot travel visa-free to the European Union. The country is also in the process of building itself as electricity and water is still scarce (Launey).
The International Steering Group of the UN however who oversaw the supervised independence of Kosovo declared that the Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement, known as the Ahtisaari plan which was the pretext of Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence declared to have been substantially implemented.
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KOSOVO Independence AND KOSOVO FACTS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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