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Popular Hispanic Media - Assignment Example

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According to a recent research conducted by Time Warner Cable, “more than 60% of Hispanic consumers preferred original Spanish-language content, but more than 63% of Spanish-dominant and 51% of bilingual Hispanic consumers had not watched a free-on-demand show or movie within…
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Popular Hispanic Media
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According to a recent research conducted by Time Warner Cable, “more than 60% of Hispanic consumers preferred original Spanish-language content, but more than 63% of Spanish-dominant and 51% of bilingual Hispanic consumers had not watched a free-on-demand show or movie within the last month.” This trend, among other trends involving the Hispanic community, has been influential in determining how the said community is being served by networks, not only on TV, but also in other media, e.g., print, movies, and electronic, as well. How this has shaped Hispanic behavior towards mass communications, in general, is evident in the proliferation of Hispanic media, entertainment or otherwise.
Some TV shows of Hispanic flavor have made their way into mainstream American television. A late-night talk show with a Hispanic host has made its maiden debut with Hollywood bigwigs as its guests. It is presumably a bilingual show, catering to both the Hispanic speaking community as well as the American public in general.
Also, the concept of a Spanish-Language on-demand channel has penetrated the market as a response to a need of Hispanic customers to have control over ways to entertainment that are simple and easy. The concept is geared towards empowering Hispanic consumers to keep in constant connection to the people and things to which they hold most dear. Prime movers behind this concept are confident that this extraordinary entertainment venture will encourage customers all over the US take pride in their passion for the rich Hispanic culture whenever they wish.
Where TV is, radio is not far behind. StoryCorps, an oral history project, aims to gather real-life stories from Hispanic residents that focus on human drama that tugs at the heartstrings of Hispanic listeners. Already played in the airwaves was a bus driver story who played knight in shining armor to a distraught old woman diagnosed with cancer and could not find her way around town. With the bus, he took her to where she was headed like a gallant knight to maiden in distress. Even the US Census uses telenovela, or soap operas, to reach Hispanics as an element of the government’s yearlong effort to garner trust among Hispanics.
Latin women have their share of the limelight through social networking sites. Through these online sites, they can do most anything—from gathering network to seeking advice on everything from getting a divorce to obtaining a mortgage.
Mobile revolutions also target the Hispanic community. Among these are the online video applications, or apps, that deliver great capability for iPhone and iPod touch users. Spanish-language videos, games, search engines, and even newspapers have sprouted all over, all aiming to please the Hispanic audience.
The list of Hispanic media goes on. Here are some:
1) TBS’s Lopez Tonight, a late-night series hosted by George Lopez
2) Wise Latinas Linked, a social networking group on Facebook
3) Las Comadres Para Las Americas, an informal group of Latinas who meet every month in cities across the USA
4) Univision Móvil Video App demonstrate the commitment to providing U.S. Hispanics with the best possible Interactive entertainment experience
5) search-engine index Truveo website help users find more Spanish-language video
6) El Tiempo de Boston, or The Boston Times, began publishing the free paper
7) “Más Sabe el Diablo,” or “The Devil Knows Best,” is a Hispanic telenovela
8) Microsoft’s newest will power Yahoo!’s search functions
Tornoe, Juan Guillermo (2009). Hispanic Trending: Latino Marketing and Advertising
Consulting and Trends. Retrieved 11 November 2009, from Read More
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