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Advertsing of commodities and cultuer - Essay Example

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In marketing, one needs to understand that commodities have the capability of being transformed later to finished products. Commonly, commodities tend to fetch less…
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Advertsing of commodities and cultuer
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Extract of sample "Advertsing of commodities and cultuer"

Download file to see previous pages In advertising for commodities, one should always choose the right marketing strategy.
In order for commodities to sell through good advertising, one has to ensure two very important components are checked: price and value. People only respond to commodities that are offered at low prices compared to their competitors. In addition, high value products tend to attract a good market compared to low value commodities (Forker 2012, p.34). Therefore, one has to ensure these two factors are kept at bay when deciding on proper advertising tools. According to Forker (2012), commodities can never sell when they are low value and placed at high prices. It human nature to acquire goods cheaply that he or she fins high quality. Therefore, when one intends to conduct commodity advertising, one has two place these two factors in check, Lowering of prices can only be achieved if the expense of acquiring the commodity is kept low (Forker 2012, p.88).
Branding of the commodities is one of the key ways in which one can ensure the commodities sale. Branding basically refers to making the given commodity unique to the consumers (Jackson 2005, p.76). Branding can be achieved through making the commodity highly sort after based on the qualities which it has. One basically needs to be aware of the market which one is targeting. Knowing the target market can be useful in knowing their taste and preference in order to tone down the commodities to the level which satisfies the clients need. In branding, one has to create a unique image that will give your commodity an upper hand over the competitors (Jackson 2005, p.46). In addition, one would have to identify reasons as to why customers purchase commodities from your competitors and try to eliminate them. Commodities that have been branded generally have a good impact of attracting and retaining clients who are attached to it (Jackson 2005, p.88). Brands creates things which people are able to associate and relate with.
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