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Misuse of Media Advertisement by Fast Food Brands - Essay Example

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This essay presents the outline for a research paper on the misuse of media advertisement by fast food brands. This paper discusses on recent food trends in the US and dwells on the fascination of children towards fast food. It then discusses the trends in media ads by fast food brands…
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Misuse of Media Advertisement by Fast Food Brands
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Extract of sample "Misuse of Media Advertisement by Fast Food Brands"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Misuse of Media Advertisement by Fast Food Brands" presents the outline for a research paper on the misuse of media advertisement by fast food brands. This paper discusses on recent food trends in the US and dwells on the fascination of children towards fast food. It then discusses the trends in media ads by fast food brands. Media plays a key role in the promotion of food products and children are the major target of fast food advertisements. I will use the book by Victor Strausburger and Barbara J Wilson to support my claims in this context.
Techniques that fast food advertisers in the media deployed to lure children into consuming their products:
TV ads: This portion will contain a discussion of how advertisers use TV as a major tool to attract children. To support the claims, I will use proof as emerging from the article by Chou Yi Shin, Inas Rashad, and Michael Grossman. I will further solidify the evidence through information taken from the article by Sarah E Speers, Jennifer L Harris, and Marlene B Schwartz.
The Internet (Websites): Using web sources of Happy Meal and Burger King Crown, I will argue how these brands are using impressive web pages, games cartoons, video clips etc on their sites to grab children’s attention.
Magazines: This part will discuss, with examples, on how advertisers use magazines, through promotion schemes and puzzles, to persuade children to buy their products by citing supporting evidence from the article written by Amanda Reid and Sandra C Jones. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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