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Women and Advertisements - Essay Example

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In the “Two Ways a Woman Can get Hurt: Advertising and Violence,” Jean Kilbourne states how commercial advertising and Violence is a major issue for women. Though her writing is a bit scrambled,…
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Women and Advertisements
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Extract of sample "Women and Advertisements"

Download file to see previous pages She tries to clarify her point by criticizing the advertising agencies and their aims to successfully sell a produce (Kilbourne 461). Kilbourne’s assertion towards commercial advertisement leaves us with no doubt that it is a wrong practice.
Jean Kilbourne reasons that the use of female imagery in the making of advertisement is an act of belittling the morale and esteem of a woman. These advertisements are considered to be painting women as sexual objects, in several instances, and this might depict a woman as a person with no dignity or feelings but one that is only interested in achieving the objective set for her. Similarly, the image of Kerri Hugg relaxing in the arms of her couch depicts another side of female imagery opinion (Shari and Michael 739). This is considered as a complete difference from the female imagery displayed in Jean Kilbourne’s piece. Kilbourne argues that the use of female imagery for commercial advertisement is a way of violating women’s rights, particularly in the sense that these advertisements display women as objects and not equal beings to their male counterparts.
The images of male and female athletes, nevertheless, have much more in common as compared to the images of female and male artists used in commercial advertisements. In several instances, the women who chose to do sports like athletics concentrate fully on the game and forget about their feminine essence. In such instances, they prefer winning most titles and becoming the best in their positions. It is thus so hard to spot a particular female athlete concentrating on her looks and beauty as opposed to any ordinary woman (Greene and Lindsky 125). The key reason behind this fact is that most women consider themselves equal to the task and thus, give it their best so as to be successful athletes.
Subsequently, there are no key dissimilarities in the images of the female and male athletes. Several female athletes are well-built ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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