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Sexism (Against Women) In Car Advertisements - Essay Example

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This paper "Sexism (Against Women) In Car Advertisements" discusses the car companies that mainly preferred the sexiest female models for an advertisement for increasing the demand of their car in the market and change the stereotype thinking of the people towards the women…
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Sexism (Against Women) In Car Advertisements
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Extract of sample "Sexism (Against Women) In Car Advertisements"

Download file to see previous pages There is a myth prevailing from the past that the women can perform the household task better than outdoor activities. The men's sovereign society believes that the women are not able to drive a car more efficiently and swiftly as compared to men. In order to remove and eliminate the myth, various advertisements are created by emphasizing on the fact that women too can drive well as that of men.

The advertisement companies also prefer and select the sexiest model for advertising their cars. It serves two purposes, it helps to eliminate the stereotype thinking of the people that women cannot drive as that of men and also increasing the demand and craze of their car by adverting it through a female model. Feminist has the ability of drawing attention of the public towards a thing. It is observed that several companies preferred to advertise their car through a female model. The commercial advertisement focused on the fact that in the fifties the people believed that women cannot purchase a car without the help and guidance of men. They need to go along with a dude in order to buy a car. This advertisement was developed adding a tag line that the age-old belief is required to be changed since nowadays the women do not require the dude to accompany them while buying a car.

The traditional thinking of the society is that the society is male-dominated and the women are required to abide by the orders of the men. The advertisements are developed with the intention of eliminating the myth that only men cannot perform all the tasks, the women can also perform various activities if the same opportunities and facilities are provided to the women as that of men. The commercial advertisement reflects that women cannot drive a car without the help of men, the advertisement was more emphasized by focusing on the fact that women encounter a various problem related to car dealership but on the contrary, the male counterparts do not face such problems or issues associated with it (Peppers). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sexism (Against Women) In Car Advertisements Essay.
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