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Richard Roepers Response to the Dove ad Campaign - Essay Example

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The Dove ad Campaign is a topic that attracted a wide range of reaction from various criticisms especially the new definition of beauty. The Dove ad campaign was launched by Unilever in an effort to bring about a new image of a woman and new definition of the term beautiful…
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Richard Roepers Response to the Dove ad Campaign
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"Richard Roepers Response to the Dove ad Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages By using the real woman rather than the slim and shaped woman, in the advertisement was a different dimension of beauty in the real woman. The traditional believe about a beautiful woman is one who is slim and has a figure and those who are different are regarded as ugly, plump or unattractive. Richard Roeper, a famous columnist, developed a criticism of the Dove ad Campaign and suggested that the whole issue was a bad and a dishonest and hypocritical idea. This essay supports the idea of Roeper that the Dove ad Campaign was unsettling and unsubstantiated. The Dove ad campaign was launched little after a research that showed that only 4% of women were bold enough to regard themselves as beautiful in public. The low percentage shows that women have developed an inferior regard of themselves and that this has undermined their public confidence. The launch of this new image of a beautiful woman was aimed at bringing about a new image of the women as part of the responsibility of the media to model the beliefs of the society. From this point of view, this campaign was part of the media’s effort to change the idea of the people concerning the beauty of a woman. In this campaign, Unilever printed the images of the average woman and defined this as beauty, images that most men regarded as rather plump and shapeless (Tavris 209-241). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Richard Roepers Response to the Dove Ad Campaign Essay.
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