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Comparative analysis of Employees' job satisfaction in pakistani banking - Essay Example

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The increase of competitiveness in markets around the world has led organizations to emphasize on measures that would offer them a competitive advantage over their rivals. Employee satisfaction has been considered as an effective tool for the achievement of the above target…
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Download file to see previous pages level of employees is not appropriately evaluated and rewarded by managers in Pakistan (Abbas et al., 2008, 435); in western countries the recognition of the value of employees seems to be problematic (Abromovitz, 1998, 175). Towards this direction, the identification and the presentation of facts that prove the value of employee performance should be characterized as an emergent need. However, the above assumption does not refer to all industrial sectors; in most of these sectors the role, the characteristics and the importance of employee satisfaction have been adequately addressed and related with the overall corporate strategy (Rasca, Deacon and Dumitrescu, 2008, p.535); there are also sectors, like the banking industry, where the importance of employee satisfaction has not been appropriately examined – further analysis is required (Jamshed Adil Halepota, 2007, p.1). In banking sector, employee satisfaction can lead to a series of a benefits for the organization involved; the increase of employee productivity, the improvement of the customer services, the development of coordination and cooperation within the organization and the increase of organizational performance – either in the short or the long term – are indicative benefits for the banks that focus on the development of employee satisfaction. Because of the value of employee satisfaction for the banking industry – as explained through the examples mentioned above – it is necessary that the various aspects of the specific concept are analytically explained and evaluated.
The analysis of employee satisfaction in the banking industry could face many obstacles. An indicative one is the difference on the perceptions of managers on employee satisfaction; the development of policies for the increase of employees’ satisfaction can be considered as an emergent priority or just as a measure that needs to be included in the organizational strategic plan – among other plans. It is also possible that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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