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Employees Job satisfaction in Pakistan banking sector - Essay Example

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He has done every possible activity on the job, from getting photocopies and tea for his branch manager to acquiring big-ticket accounts for his branch. However, he does not look forward to getting up in…
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Employees Job satisfaction in Pakistan banking sector
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"Employees Job satisfaction in Pakistan banking sector"

Download file to see previous pages s not feel like his job is contributing anything to his growth or the organization; he also feels that the job is not in tandem with his ideals and values for work anymore. The problem with Salim was that he was not feeling ‘job satisfaction’ anymore.
To elucidate this concept, I carried out research into different resources including journals, magazines, websites and books. Job satisfaction is the consequence that one feels ‘from the perception that one’s job fulfils or allows the fulfillment of one’s important job values” (Henne & Locke 222). These job values are individualistic in nature therefore when one job satisfies person A, it is not unlikely that the same job will not satisfy person B. This is because their definitions of what their job values are and how the current job is fulfilling them is quite different.
To understand what constitutes job satisfaction, I looked into the work of Saleh & Hyde who say that job satisfaction is the combined result of ‘intrinsic’ and extrinsic’ factors (47): intrinsic factors include things like the kind of work performed, sense of achievement and responsibility associated with it, development of new skill and maturing of the mind; extrinsic factors are more tangible such as the work environment and ambience, salary and bonuses, rewards and promotions, job security and interpersonal relationships developed. Saleh and Hyde found that the people who are more intrinsically motivated are able to gain higher levels of satisfaction (52). The study correlated the intrinsic values to the theory of activation where a certain activation level, which is devoid of external factors, determines how positively or negatively – in turn satisfied or dissatisfied – the individual feels towards any stimulus. Authors Saleh and Hyde write that simple jobs provide lesser stimulation to reach the activation level (52) and thus, will likely take harder to reach the threshold for satisfaction; this explains why a new job is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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