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The basic reason for communication is that it helps the patient receive the best care possible. When there is miscommunication or a lack of…
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Download file to see previous pages patient communication "involves recognizing and responding to the patient as a whole person -- an approach frequently termed patient-centered care" (p. 1). They suggest that those healthcare professionals that believe in the "psychosocial" aspects of caring for patients are better equipped in communication because they understand how to attend to all of their needs (p. 1). These researchers created a RESPECT model that gives an easy way for nurses to understand what to do in certain situations to communicate easier with their clients. The RESPECT model has seven areas that are important to understand about communication:
2. Empathy -- they must understand that the patient came to them for help and strive to understand what the patient needs to help their illness. They should also verbally "acknowledge and legitimize" (p. 2) the patients feelings.
3. Support -- this is where the nurse helps the patient learn any barriers that may happen in terms of receiving and complying to care. They will help the client move through barriers where possible and be able to reassure the patient as necessary. They may even bring the family in for support where appropriate.
6. Cultural competence -- the nurse understands that they must respect the patients cultural beliefs whether they agree with them or not, be aware of their own biases within this concept and understand that their personal syle may need to change a bit in order to help the patient.
7. Trust -- the nurse must "consciously work" to gain the trust of the patient and help them to self-disclose where necessary. They must recognize that some cultures will have a more difficult time of self-disclosing than others.
As health care is improved there is more emphasis on customer service and communication has become more important. According to Shields, Swann, Lopez and Lacy, good patient communication is important because it promotes 1) patient satisfaction in that they will perceive their care better when they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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