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Patient satisfaction from physicians' communication - Essay Example

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In the paper “Patient satisfaction from physicians' communication” the author analyzes ineffective communication, which has been reported as one of the main contributing factors in medical errors today in the UK with hundreds of patients suffering from injury occasioned by the medical officers due to miscommunication…
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Patient satisfaction from physicians communication
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Extract of sample "Patient satisfaction from physicians' communication"

Download file to see previous pages To this end they emphasis on the patient care model which places great emphasis on open enquiry, reflective listening and empathy as one of the most effective and important ways of responding to the diverse patient needs.
In the HCPC Standards of Proficiency  (2013 p.8) Standard 8, ‘Be able to communicate effectively’, 8.3 states that a  physiotherapist must:  “Understand how communication skills affect assessment and engagement of service users and how the means of communication  should be modified to address and take account of factors such as age,  capacity, learning ability and physical ability.” As a result, this paper attempts to establish why effective communication between the patient and doctor is crucial by examining different case scenarios and evaluating the role communication plays, not only just in the physiotherapist context, but also in the healthcare system in general.
Verbal communication between doctors and their clients is recognized as a core part of care and in conventional scenarios it is easy to decode and analyses, and this is because it is discrete in nature and has clear endpoints. However, for doctors to be effective at it, they must have good interpersonal skills such that they can make the patient feel at ease and encourage them to open up with alarming them, sounding rude or stereotypical.   In their discourse, they should ensure they show empathy and attention to the patient’s situation and be capable of managing the patient’s expectations without discouraging them (Larsen and Smith 1981). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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