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Communication between a doctor and a patient - Essay Example

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Communication is imperative in facilitating health relationship between patients and medical practitioners. This involves demonstration of empathy on the part of doctors. Through this, they understand what patients go through and treat them with respect…
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Communication between a doctor and a patient
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Download file to see previous pages Communicating properly with patients and disclosing all information facilitates informed decision-making. It is unethical for a medical practitioner to purport to carry a medical procedure without competence and experience. Making referral under this condition is important. Communication between a doctor and a patient Communication is an imperative component of the relationship between patients and physicians1. Information passes from one individual to another through the process. Healthy communication facilitates emotional assessment of patients A good communication must ensure there is feedback from either of the two parties. Flow of information facilitates good communication with patients. There are various factors, which ensure good communication between patients and physician. They include: Emotional intelligence This refers to the process of detecting, assessing, and controlling one’s emotional status. It is imperative that a physician achieve emotional stability to deal objectively with clients. Depending on what they are ailing from, some patients may appear nagging or behave in unpleasant manner, which may affect the relationship between the two. However, the doctors should always be prepared to deal with patients in a friendly and indiscriminately manner regardless of their behavior. 2. This is not possible if physicians are not able to control their emotions and remain objective as they provide services to clients. Where physicians appear unwilling to understand the plight of patients, communication problems may arise. Use friendly language Though physicians use their special language of communication, it is also important to use a language, which patients can understand. Communication is only complete when the patients are able to understand the information received. Physicians should interpret to clients some of the prescriptions or statements, which seem technical. When doing this, patience on the part of the physicians is vital. They should not work under the assumptions that all patients can understand even what seem to be matters of common sense. It is also important that physicians seek to know whether patients understand their expected duties and responsibilities. some of the patients may feel embarrassed or fear to ask questions even when they are not sure of what is expected from them. It is for this purpose that physicians should seek to ensure that proper communication is taking place. Show empathy Physicians identify with the emotional or psychological status of patients through this process. Empathy is vital since it allows a physician to understand exactly what the patients are going through3. It is therefore important that physicians put themselves in the position of patients and ask themselves how they would feel or behave. Through this psychological process, doctors are able to treat patients in a humane manner as stipulated within the ethical principles. However, physicians should differentiate between empathy and sympathy. The latter refers to feeling pity for someone misfortunes. This may make physicians become subjective or suffer from burnout. They should be empathic but remain stable to offer the needed services objectively. Empathy fosters good communication between the two parties. Avoid interrupting or expressing negative attitudes towards patients Due to the amount of work that physicians have, disruption of communication between them and patients may be common. They may interrupt the patients and require them to ask as few questions as possible. This is especially in health institutions with few physicians attending to large number of patients. It is imperative to deal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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