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Explain the significance of the doctors understanding of the patient experience of illness/disability for quality medical care - Essay Example

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Most of the modern world medical practitioners tend to focus extensively on the common models of health, which include gathering patient information relative to their history and examination of the illness/disability (Rotter, 2014). Typically, this forms a basis for further…
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Explain the significance of the doctors understanding of the patient experience of illness/disability for quality medical care
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Extract of sample "Explain the significance of the doctors understanding of the patient experience of illness/disability for quality medical care"

Download file to see previous pages Normally, patients and doctors have discrepancies when it comes to giving health care intervention and even though the doctor has standard expertise, scientifically, the patient contributions could have significant influence. Based on observations and summary findings from past studies on patient-doctor relationship, there lacks successful provision of quality health care unless there is a clear understanding of everyone’s experience on illness/disability (Gray, 2004).
Relatively, the customary tactic to patient evaluation that entails extensive attention on clinical and laboratory analysis normally lies on the doctor’s observations and ratings thus, overlooking the patient’s experience and contribution (Conrad, 2010). However, understanding each other creates an optimal level of functioning and further communication, particularly fixation on understanding leads to discovery of additional attributes significant for the doctor’s intervention model. Essentially, understanding the patient’s experience of the illness/disability is a significant influence on the doctor’s provision of quality medical care in multiple ways. In fact, some of the recent studies depict a high number of cases where understanding the patient and quality of life has led to great breakthroughs (Conrad, 2010). Resolutely, the discussion section of the paper elaborates more on the different ways in which understanding the patient’s experience influences medical care.
Wrongful interpretation is among the common medical blunders that lead to adverse and preventable implications in health care provision. In the past, there have been misinterpretations of patient’s illness/disability popular around the globe as an attempt to exemplify the gravity of such occurrences, particularly in medical settings. Correct interpretation is one of the core significances of understanding patient’s experience of illness/disability, for not only the doctors but also other medical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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