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ST3 APPLICATION - Personal Statement Example

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After completing MBBS in India and coming to United Kingdom, I have worked first in Hertfordshire NHS trust and then in Bolton, Salford and Trafford NHS trusts as Senior House Officer Psychiatry. I felt attracted towards Psychiatry because it is multidisciplinary, research oriented, a dynamic mixture of independent and team work, holistic, poses communication challenge, and forces professionals to face exhilarating impossibilities while dealing with difficult patients and sensitive situations.
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Download file to see previous pages Dealing with disturbed patients does not annoy me and I willingly talk to understand them even when it is not my duty to do so.
2.A2 Provide evidence of your recent efforts to increase your insight and capabilities relevant to the specialty. What has been the outcome and how has this further developed your suitability for this specialty
I have cleared part -1 of MRC Psychiatry examination and had been attending psycho-therapy training classes. I read all connected papers in internet and journals to keep abreast with new findings. I am trying to remain familiar with the recent research region in psychiatry. I am also trying to read most of the important books on the subject. I have done three jobs of six months each in Old Age Psychiatry and another three jobs in General Adult Psychiatry. After coming to United Kingdom, I have been never away from the Psychiatry area of knowledge and clinical practice.
After attending MRC Psychiatry course, doing short term work and examination I have gained vast knowledge in the subject and also feel that training classes in psycho-therapy are helping me in further enhancing my knowledge and insight about the subject.
3.A3 Provide evidence of activities/achievements ov...
Indicate date and place relating to the evidence.
I work with psychiatric patients not only when it is part of my job, but also willingly take up more responsibility in the clinic. I volunteer for interviewing patients, and taking down case history in both inpatient and outpatient clinics, even though it is not always part of my duties. I participate in electroconvulsive therapy under supervision. Even in my daily commitments, I have shown preference for mental health work. I have done extra work spending more time with patients; especially with severely ill patients with poor insight. I take active interest in preparing tribunal reports for Mental Health Act Tribunal and attend Mental Health Act Tribunal meetings.
4.Describe an example from your experience in this specialty when applying your clinical judgement had a defining impact on patient management. What did you do and how do you think the outcome was affected by your judgement
I am already working in this speciality area and face diverse experiences every day. Patient management comes easily to me, because of my work in Old Psychiatry homes and present work experience. I have noticed that after three years' of working with them, I have started understanding them better, their facial expressions, their body language and sometimes, I could predict their next movement by looking at them. I remember a particular patient whom I assessed in Accident and Emergency department for Mild to Moderate depression. During assessment I felt that patient had pain in his neck. He said he was unconcerned about it and it was mere muscle spasms on right side of neck. I did a physical examination and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ST3 APPLICATION Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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