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Can the aesthetic give us insights into the nature of International politics How - Essay Example

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The discussion seeks to answer the question: Can the aesthetic give us insights into the nature of International politics? Upon looking at the links between aesthetics and international politics from a broad perspective, the researchers are able to draw a large number of ethical implications…
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Can the aesthetic give us insights into the nature of International politics How
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Extract of sample "Can the aesthetic give us insights into the nature of International politics How"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the definition of aesthetics as the philosophical branch of inquiry that deals with principles underlying and guiding the work of art, beauty, perception, and appreciation. As a philosophy, aesthetics refers to the study of sensory values. Aesthetics deals more with seeing and sensing the world due to its ability to assume sensory levels and collective agreements regarding a contemporary matter such as international politics and beauty. Since aesthetic depends on factors like time and culture, this research paper will seek to assess whether aesthetic us the insights into the nature of international politics. It will resolve to determine, if yes, how it can give those insights. Since aesthetics is a philosophical branch studying creations, it can help us get insights into international politics since there are created and formed organizations, corporations, and societies internationally. The whole globe is feasible through created worldwide international communication systems regulated by international organizations like International Telecommunication Union, Universal Postal Union, and Intergovernmental Copyright Committee that exercises worldwide connection and integration by means of radio broadcasting, televising material, transferred mails, and books. The world also composes of created global systems of transportation that involves international airlines that operate under the watch of International Civil Aviation Organization. Additionally, the world, through formation, has internationally regulated social norms that encompass a variety of states and international groups’ interaction. All these integral relations show the will of aesthetic in international politics because aesthetic provides a strategic platform for philosophical evaluation of sensory values (Holloway and Beck, 2005:79). As a result, diplomats and signatories are undertaking the policy of creating international value for each other’s potent ability. Aesthetics revolve around our senses and our responses towards objects, ideas, and agreements. Therefore, it is giving us insights into international politics since we can see, hear, and feel the sense of international relations where nations are formalizing many structural expectations, involving written international agreements and contracts or treaties bearing and defining the obligations and rights of the cosigners. The most recent philosophical research shows that, aesthetic is making it possible for us to have insights on international politics since it is presenting us with philosophical beauty of determining the importance of international organization. We can objectively point out that, through aesthetic, the world can see international representation of groups through formalization of balanced capabilities, interests, and members wills (Constantinou and Oliver, 2008:118). By use of this sense, we can understand that, an internationally created group is a point of equilibrium where a balance of values and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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