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Politics and Love in Contemporary Arabic Literature - Essay Example

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He uses his works to highlight aesthetics of literature and its purpose in shaping the society (Arana 87). For example, through poetry, he has championed democracy and popularized secular…
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Politics and Love in Contemporary Arabic Literature
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Extract of sample "Politics and Love in Contemporary Arabic Literature"

Download file to see previous pages Adonis alludes that newness in Arabic society are identifiable with Arabic character. In the poem, ‘Love’ he depicts the feel of affection for the context he is in, like the road, house, the dead, the neighbors and the toiling hands of the world (Arana 120). The selected diction shows the high stakes in Adonis works, which invites every bit of creativity and intellect.
He heightens the reader’s originality to new thoughts and realms that create curiosity. No, wonder his love for renewal and democratic consciousness won him the Goethe prestigious award. The reflection in the poem, ‘Celebrating Childhood’ affirms that the history of Arabic is not that of the sword but also lately made of great men. Lately, comments from Adonis on the political atmosphere in Middle East, especially in Syria that brought nothing good in the society except backwardness, bitterness, torture, and breakdown to the people, is a show of hi grip to the Arab politics (Arana 231).
Kahlil Gibran is still a celebrated hero in Arabic literature context. In his Arab world, his incisive writings have earned him the tag of a political rebel (Gibran 65). Gibran works borrow a lot from the romantic styles of writing. The political events and power struggle do not make his daily life but through continual literary awareness of the situation in Lebanon, he asserts that the society is one place and homeland where all men are his fellow compatriots. The literal works of Gibran infuse the love of the society and advocacy for tranquility (Gibran 94). In ‘The Hands of Destiny’, he fascinates with the beauty of nature, and glamour that natures espouse. In this sense, Gibran aesthetic capture the literal world Lebanon ought to experience.
He writes of the ideal nature that comes with spring and equates it to the Lebanon society. The reference of the beautiful spirit of Spring lingering in the atmospheres of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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