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Professionals in the field of education tend to agree that students are unable to apply “critical thinking skills to new material unless they first understand that material” (Chabris, 2009, p.A13). Comprehension is a critical part of the student’s ability to understand…
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My adult learning style
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Download file to see previous pages This is why it was highly important to take the learning styles inventory to understand what factors involved with learning are most effective at helping the individual to comprehend.
The results of the study indicate that I tend to be an aural learner, scoring a 13 on the inventory. Closely behind was logical with a score of 12, physical scoring 11, and verbal learning with a nine score. Largely, based on the inventory, I am considered to be a balanced learner who is able to comprehend information from many different learning activities. As an aural learner, music and sound are often quality methods in the learning process. Aural learners learn by hearing information and the student fitting this profile would generally “like class lectures and small group discussions, listening in class more than taking notes” (Korybut, 2009, p.1). From a personal reflective standpoint, I have always found considerable value in classroom environments with teachers who are strong lecturers without really ever having a personal need for note-taking in order to be engaged with the teacher’s discussions. This type of presentational teaching helps me to stay focused on what is being taught orally where comprehension is simply a matter of recalling what has been heard.
Further, having the balance between different learning styles would also give me the ability to explore many different learning methods to find which one is best-suited to long-term comprehension. For instance, logical learners “prefer using logic, reasoning and systems” (, 2009, p.1). Though I have not always had a knack for statistics or the use of complicated systems, logic is a very large part of how I absorb information. For example, if a lecturer provides information which is not very relevant or seems to be stemming from opinion rather than experience, I find myself rejecting the information and can no longer focus on what is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Adult Learning Style Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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Terrific work done on the "my adult learning style". I think it is the best sample I have seen so far.

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