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Connecting my teaching style with what adult leraners need to know - Research Paper Example

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Teaching Style and the Knowledge Required for Adult Learners Complete Name College / University Nursing Professor July 29, 2011 Teaching Style and the Knowledge Required for Adult Learners There certainly are a number of remarkable attributes by which an effective teacher may be recognized…
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Connecting my teaching style with what adult leraners need to know
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Download file to see previous pages While the quantity of lessons may matter with ample significance at anytime, such an instructor does not afford to neglect providing quality in his unique creative style of teaching which naturally earns appreciation by colleagues and pupils alike. An effective teacher exhibits a character of passion toward mastery of specialization or subject being taught so that in this manner, adult learners are concretely addressed as they meet their maturing scholastic needs. Because it is part of his chief objective to sustain learning with excellence, he finds a way to exceed the standards of his profession. He even considers exploring knowledge of the yet unknown for the benefit not only of improving his intellect but also of inspiring the students with the wonderful idea of gaining the intended proficiency through their individual endeavors both at present and in the future. Adult students, similarly, are able to show regular attendance and to listen and perform in a stimulating atmosphere fostered by a teacher who demonstrates skilfulness in classroom management. Given this condition, no matter how busy an adult learner is with non-academic cares, valuable learning becomes accessible. An effective teacher serves a huge contributing factor in making such student figure ways of putting valuable ideas to application when solving problems and handling studies with the favour of working under alternative situations as seen fit. Having the initiative and discerning what to do upon encounter of conflict make the anticipated output of learning valuably. Positive development among adult learners, on the other hand, may be perceived once a creative style of teaching facilitates belief that new experiences could be found and used as a tool for an advancement in an adult’s learning capacity. Based on Kolb’s theory (1984), the impetus for the development of new concepts is provided by new experiences where Kolb himself stated that “Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (Mcleod, 2010). Hence, as one develops positively, it may occur pleasingly worthwhile to construct awareness and social growth with the rest of the academic community. Around this stage, productive motivation is sought to come along since the learning process allows each adult learner to seek greater essence in connecting an individual’s well-being or ultimate identity to a set of tasks assigned by the motivational instructions. Because there ought to be harmony of interaction between the teacher and the student in order to translate effective teaching into remarkable outcomes with knowledge, hence, both parties must converge onto a common interest or point of similarity as through behaviour and way of thinking. The effective teacher may draw an adult pupil to this convergence if his technique of instruction is built on resourcefulness, for a resourceful character tends to adopt the mood of exhausting possibilities for the teacher and the learner to function within transparent relationship. Strategizing an effort to know each student at depth such that it yields back similar action in response would assuredly cause higher degree of motivation for the learner to trust and utilize the concepts with pertinent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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