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Maximizing the learning experience for adult learners (Principles for adult learning) - Essay Example

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However, people of different ages exhibit varying learning needs. Children are likely to learn much more easily and adapt to the learning experience. However, adults present more learning needs. For them to learn effectively, the…
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Maximizing the learning experience for adult learners (Principles for adult learning)
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"Maximizing the learning experience for adult learners (Principles for adult learning)"

Download file to see previous pages Adult learners have unique attributes that affect the ways in which they learn. On reaching adulthood, an individual achieves autonomy and can exhibit self –direction. This aspect influences how they learn because they need to express their autonomy in the learning process. Therefore, an effective adult educator must have strategies of ensuring an involvement of the learners. For learners to express their autonomy in the learning process, it will be crucial for the educator to present them with an opportunity to contribute in the development of study objectives. Moreover, other avenues of engagement in the learning process such as group work and individual presentations will foster autonomy in the learners (Sharma, 2006:45). It is critical for adult educators to have facilitation skills as they will prove effective in providing the individuals with proper guidelines contrary to teaching. Autonomous adults will only need guidelines because they can endeavor in personal studies and research in order to advance knowledge.
Moreover, autonomy will require adult learners to establish personal that conform to the objectives of the learning process. The learning experience must provide an avenue for the learners to find self-fulfillment through a successful pursuit of personal goals. Both patients and nurses require having a set of personal goals that can meet an individual’s personal learning needs. Therefore, an educator must exhibit competency in demonstrating the procedure of personal goal setting (Sharma, 2006:45). It is critical for an educator to emphasize the need for the learners to understand the significance of personal goals. In doing this, the educator must highlight the harmony between the class learning objectives and personal goals.
Adult learners approach the learning experience with a unique perspective. They anticipate for an opportunity to cooperate in their experiences into the learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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