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My View of Adult Learning - Essay Example

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Critical Reflection (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) My View of Adult Learning Prior to this Course It was my view that adult education is the method or process through which an adult learns, which I thought was different from the ways through which children learn…
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My View of Adult Learning
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Download file to see previous pages For example, I was able to learn numerous, different factors that are the driving forces behind these individuals’ drive for education achievement. Additionally, I also learned about some of the many factors that can distract or affect negatively the process of adult learning. It was clear from these course materials that adult learning is based on andragogical model of learning. This model is build upon the assumptions that adults have a need to know and learn adults also have a need to be learners who are self- directed and a need to have a self- concept that reflects that they are responsible for the decisions that they make. Therefore, adult learning programs are special as they are designed in such ways that allow them o set goals by themselves and organize their learning around the responsibilities each has as an adult. More specifically, I can relate my journey in education to the course content material of unit one. I am an adult learner who just recently went back to school, and traditionally my daily routines and responsibilities would not have fit with my education program. This is because my education would have a conflict with my responsibilities such as taking care of my family, and eventually one of the two would be neglected. However, with such programs as online education, I am able to satisfy all of my responsibilities. ...
Up to now, this unit has taught me that the many challenges that we face as adult learners are as a result of some of the factors associated with adults going back to school and taking up education once more. My Current View of Adult Education Much of the view and thoughts I have on adult education currently are derived from my course content of unit two. As I went through the assigned content for unit two, I was able to learn numerous things about adult education I did not know of, and I was surprised to find out that there are numerous theories on the processes through which adults learn. Before hand, I was only familiar with the theory on adult learning by Knowles called the Andragogy theory, and with my limited knowledge I had assumed that this was the only theory through which adult learners like myself and my colleagues learned through. To my surprise, I became familiar with other adult learning theories such as the theories by such individuals like Jarvis, McClusky, and Illeris. All these theories were in one way or the other related to the processes and styles through which I was able to learn and also related to many of my learning style methods. However, I was able to realize that my learning style methods were more related to the McClusky model or theory more than the other theories. This particular theory argues that there is always a constant need for one to strike a balance between the energy they need and the energy that is available to them. I thought this theory was more related to me because I had many facets in my life that struggled for my attention such as my children, work, friends, church, and even my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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