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This writer designed and handed out a questionnaire on motivation of employees to ten fellow employees of the company where he is working as a sales floor associate at a supermarket chain in London. The questionnaire was given to 8 sales floor associates and two floor…
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Structured Essay
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Download file to see previous pages As for the content theory Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory has been used while for the process theory, Vroom’s expectancy theory has been used. Maslow used a pyramidal hierarchical structure to depict the needs of employees at the work place (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2008). According to him self-actualization occupies the top-most rung in the hierarchy of needs. Secondly self-esteem needs come as of importance. Thirdly needs of love and affection come and fourthly safety related needs are of importance to the employee. Finally at the base of the pyramid there are those physiological needs.
Vroom on the other hand developed his process theory of expectancy in keeping with the hypothesis that an employee can be motivated by linking effort, performance and motivation. In support of his theoretical approach he proposes three variables – expectancy, valence and instrumentality (Latham, 2006). Thus these two theoretical approaches are used in this paper to ascertain the impact of motivation related strategies and measures on the learning outcomes such as productivity and loyalty adopted at the above mentioned retail chain. In this respect a series of supporting correlations have been drawn.
The theoretical and conceptual framework of analysis is based on the contingency model building efforts that are intended to create the necessary environment for testing the process theory and the content theory chosen by this writer. Thus the predominant assumption is that only a few variables can be allowed into the model thus avoiding many so that the learning outcomes can be well controlled with a degree of accuracy and predictability.
Question 2 was based on the too often asked for explanation, i.e. what motivates, money or non monetary aspects like job satisfaction. All of them gave the same answer as was expected by the writer. They held the view that money mattered but not so more than job satisfaction coming from such factors as self-actualization and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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