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Abraham Maslows Theory of Human Motivation - Essay Example

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While Maslow’s psychological insights span a wide array of categories, one of his most prominent is his perspective on human motivation. Maslow presents a theory of human motivation based on a…
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Abraham Maslows Theory of Human Motivation
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Extract of sample "Abraham Maslows Theory of Human Motivation"

Download file to see previous pages This essay applies Maslow’s theory of human motivation to my own personal experience. As Maslow’s theory of human motivation advances in a progressive manner, the methodology of this analysis parallels this theoretical structure.
When considering Maslow’s theory of motivation in the context of my own existence I recognize that one of the greatest challenges is clearly distinguishing between need fulfillment and need deficiency. Indeed, one of the prominent criticisms of Maslow’s theory is that it is overly contingent on arbitrary distinctions between fulfilled and unfulfilled ("Maslows hierarchy of," 2008). Still, such criticisms seem to partly misread Maslow, who indicated that there was great degree of fluidity of motivation, with need fulfillment approximating percentage form (Maslow). In my own life I recognize that in addition to having needs partially fulfilled, my needs have been fulfilled to differing degrees at differing periods of my life.
Before leaving home to attend college my physiological needs were completely accounted for. Indeed, to a great extent the primacy of this need did not come to the forefront of my consideration until moving out of my parents’ home and assuming increased responsibility for my subsistence. Having my physiological needs accounted for during my youth created a strong foundation for my personal development and pursuit of higher level needs. Still, when considering this need I recognize that my personal motivation occurs on both a macro and micro level. That is, when I examine my youth in retrospect, I am able to make the macro-statement that my physiological needs were met; however, I also recognize that there were brief times when during the day I was hungry or sleep period deprived. I believe this distinction is significant as it indicates that human motivation, as progressing through Maslow’s needs system, is a fluid process wherein individuals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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