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Marketings role is to encourage consumption (Lazer, 19691). This statement is as true now as it was in 1969. Debate - Essay Example

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The marketing world has seen its highs and lows but the changes have not happened overnight. These have required years and even decades to take place, which is an important…
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Marketings role is to encourage consumption (Lazer, 19691). This statement is as true now as it was in 1969. Debate
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Extract of sample "Marketings role is to encourage consumption (Lazer, 19691). This statement is as true now as it was in 1969. Debate"

Download file to see previous pages Marketing is a progressing field, one that believes in providing success to the stakeholders who are involved within the different reigns of the same. This success is measured in terms of the relative values of business processes and undertakings. Marketing’s long term success is measured by the kind of opportunities that are unveiled over a period of time relative to the problems that the resources have had (Buxton 2002). The statement of marketing being a significant factor within the encouragement of consumption is true even to this day, more so due to the advantages that marketing has on the pertinent role of the business. This paper takes a deep and incisive look at the way marketing has been seen as an enabling agent with regards to consumption and the eventual sale which in essence has been the case since 1969 and even beyond.
If the customer does not come back to buy a product, there is no use of marketing it. However this would be a very negative stance on the part of the organization under question. Any organization would dearly require its line of products to make a sale time and time again. This will enable the organization to understand the psyche of the customers in a very amiable way. Similarly this was a precedent which was followed even in the yesteryears, for instance 1969 when marketing was thought of as being an important instigator within the consumption avenues. What makes the whole debate even more significant and interesting lies in the fact that this is the case even in the time and age of today and one can easily predict that marketing will continue to play its due role in a similar capacity in the days to come (Fink 1973). Marketing is a very unpredictable entity but its results can be gauged over a period of time only if the related settings are taken into consideration. These could include the ways and means through which customers, employees and stakeholders merge in a singular capacity to bring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketings Role Is to Encourage Consumption (Lazer, 19691). This Essay.
“Marketings Role Is to Encourage Consumption (Lazer, 19691). This Essay”, n.d.
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