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This report has offered a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the different areas of implementation of this website. This project is feasible because its basic ideas are…
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Feasibility Analysis of Book Exchange Website
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Feasibility Study Report By Contents Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Operating costs 6 Project Schedule 7 Conclusion 8 In this report I have presented detailed analysis of development of the online book sharing website. This report has offered a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the different areas of implementation of this website. This project is feasible because its basic ideas are unique. I hope that this report will offer a deep insight into overall system development, implementation, and feasibility analysis. 8
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Executive Summary
The emergence of information technology has transformed the techniques we use for carrying out business activities, as well as other fields of life. Implementation of computer and IT technology has completely transformed the operational structure of every field of life. This intended project is about the development of an online website system which will be useful for students. This web based system will be an online book exchange website. This website will offer the opportunity to students to obtain free books online trough exchanging them to others at the same website. This feasibility report is aimed to offer a detailed overview of the system development for facilitating the people for obtaining books online by exchanging them to others.
Background Information
The development of the online business website system offers an opportunity to become a part of global ecommerce community. The development of an online website for exchanging books and offering them to student at no cost needs elaboration of the main revenue source of the business. In the intended website it is expected to implement an effective ecommerce revenue model. We have researched and found that for such type of the website the web based promotion or pay-per-click revenue model will be appropriate. The main aim of this business website is to develop and implement a system that offers the business a better opportunity and facilitate the people to access free books and exchanging your books to others. The next main financial aim of this project is to generate revenue for business through establishment of an effective revenue model on the web.
Proposed Website
The proposed website is for the exchanging costly and less available books to the other students/people on the web. The main aim of the this website is to offer a better and greater opportunity regarding the establishment of a common and innovative platform for exchanging huge collation of books to overall students and book lovers community.
Overview of the website
This website will be an innovative project of its nature that is aimed to offer the people to obtain book of any cost. However this website also produces a feeling of goodness to other about sharing the valuable knowledge sources to them.
The main objective of the website
I have defined the main objective of this web site that is the implementation of a new web based system that offers huge advantages to people in searching free books those are so costly to buy. There is also a main objective of this system is to generate the revenue for the business through implementation of an effective revenue model.
Main Solution
We will find solutions to several problems such as:
Costly Books
Difficulty in accessing special type of books
Absence of a main plate form regarding the accessing books
No sharing of books those are less available
Knowledge sharing
Advantages of the Proposed Website
The main advantages regarding the implementation of this websites project are (for visitors):
Free books availability (by exchanging instead of paying)
Easy access
Less complexity is book sharing
Access to valuable source of knowledge
Easy management of books
Knowledge sharing
Disadvantages of the Proposed Website
We will have following disadvantages regarding the website system implementation;
Complex structure regarding sharing of books
Difficult to manage each user account and handling number of sharing and books submitted
Technical Feasibility
This website will comprise the following aspects regarding the better system operations for the user;
Hardware and software requirements
We will require following hardware and software for online book sharing website development;
P4 computers
Windows XP operating system
PHP for website development
SQL Server 2008 for books database
Dreamweaver for website designing
CASE tool for designing of system
Staffing requirements
Following staff will be required regarding the development and implementation of system;
Project manager
Website designer

Financial Feasibility
Start-up costs
System purchase P4 cost- $400
All Software purchasing- $500
Domain Name- Cost: $9/year
Hosting- Cost: $30
Web design as well as graphics development time- Cost: 60 to 150 hours ( for approximate 15 page Website)
Operating costs
Web site Maintenance- Cost: $500 to $1250 a year
Web design updating - Cost; $395.00 and $ 186 per year
Additional cost - Cost: $1.00 to $200.00 for some extra facilities
Project Schedule
Start Date
End date
Old system analysis
10 days
Requirement gathering
20 days
Planning for system development
12 days
Resource planning
6 days
Design development
20 days
System development
35 days
Hardware purchase
10 days
Hardware implementation
15 days
Website implementation
10 days
20 days
Quality assurance
10 days
5 days
Final Recommendation
In this project we will recommend the implementation of an effective revenue model. For the enhanced business gain we need to implement an efficient revenue model which could manage the business in an enhanced way.
In this report I have presented detailed analysis of development of the online book sharing website. This report has offered a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the different areas of implementation of this website. This project is feasible because its basic ideas are unique. I hope that this report will offer a deep insight into overall system development, implementation, and feasibility analysis.
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Kerzner, H. (2006). Project management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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