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Comparative Analysis of Empolyee's Job Satisfaction in Pakistani Banks - Essay Example

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I would like to mention special thanks to Dr Roman Matousek who guided me in completing this dissertation. His words of wisdom will always be remembered, and I am convinced with the…
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Comparative Analysis of Empolyees Job Satisfaction in Pakistani Banks
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Extract of sample "Comparative Analysis of Empolyee's Job Satisfaction in Pakistani Banks"

Download file to see previous pages This paper endeavors to find out the level of employees job satisfaction among three of the Pakistans top commercial banks by conducting the research survey and performing statistical techniques to judge the correlation and level of significance for the factor. Work has also been done to find out those factors which are resulting in satisfaction or dissatisfaction among the employees. Employees satisfaction has become one of the important fundamental rules to become successful in this highly competitive business environment for any organization. In a country like Pakistan, there is special need to identify the level of employees job satisfaction especially in growing sector of banking.
Three leading commercial banks with different branches have been chosen for the research survey of employees satisfaction. For the purpose of this research, 100 respondents were randomly selected from different branches of banks in Lahore. Overall, the results have been found positive as far as job satisfaction among the employees is concerned. Most of the employees are satisfied working for these banks, satisfied with attitude of management, satisfied with their supervisors etc. Salary packages and other benefits are the factors in which employees are dissatisfied.
This dissertation also contains the comparative analysis of employees job satisfaction among those banks. The different aspect of this dissertation is that this kind of research has never been conducted before related with these domestic banks in Pakistan. The following dissertation outlines the literature review, aims, methodology, empirical research analysis and finally containing the conclusion and some useful recommendation.
In this chapter, a general description of the background of our field of study and the developments taking place in the field, followed by the problems will be discussed. Then, we will explain the aims and objectives of the dissertation.
The business world has changed and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparative Analysis of Empolyee'S Job Satisfaction in Pakistani Banks Essay)
Comparative Analysis of Empolyee'S Job Satisfaction in Pakistani Banks Essay.
“Comparative Analysis of Empolyee'S Job Satisfaction in Pakistani Banks Essay”, n.d.
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