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Research proposal ( Role of M.R.I spectroscopy in differentiation between the Malignant and the benign tumours ) - Essay Example

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MRI Spectroscopy is used in demonstrating aspects of physiology like anaerobic metabolism aggressiveness of tumors. In brain related studies, MRI…
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Research proposal ( Role of M.R.I spectroscopy in differentiation between the Malignant and the benign tumours )
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Extract of sample "Research proposal ( Role of M.R.I spectroscopy in differentiation between the Malignant and the benign tumours )"

Download file to see previous pages In MRI Spectroscopy, water protons are utilized in creating images, and for producing images of the brain that are detailed and sophisticated. This is because various brain tissues contain varying amounts of water. Non-aqueous protons, which consist of the hydrogen nuclei protons which are not in water are scattered throughout the biologically significant brain molecules. The significant signals from these molecules are invisible when attempted to be viewed otherwise, due to the fact that they are overshadowed by the greater signals of the aqueous protons. Each non-aqueous molecule possesses a unique radio-frequency that is specific to that particular chemical, and which is different from the water proton frequency. The strength or amplitude attained by these radio-frequencies depends on the concentration of the molecules inside the volume in question, and each of them has its own discrete position of frequency. Thus, a graph can be displayed showing the relative amplitude peaks for various biological molecules, and these peaks of amplitude can be detected and displayed more easily if the signals generated by the aqueous protons are suppressed.
MRI Spectroscopy uses an imaging technology that is non-invasive, and which records information as regards the chemical makeup of human tissue without any need for biopsy or surgery. The aim of this research is to ascertain the role of MRI Spectroscopy in the diagnosis of cancerous (malignant) tumors in contrast to benign and healthy growths that are non-cancerous, based on chemical information. “Although the spectral features of prostate tissue markedly change after radiotherapy, MRI Spectroscopy combined with multivariate methods of analysis can accurately identify histologically malignant biopsies. MRI Spectroscopy shows promise as a modality that could integrate three-dimensional measures of tumor response.” (Michael D. Kuo, 2006) This research on The Role of M.R.I spectroscopy in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Proposal ( Role of M.R.I Spectroscopy in Differentiation Essay.
“Research Proposal ( Role of M.R.I Spectroscopy in Differentiation Essay”, n.d.
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