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Testicular tumors- Large cell calcifying sertoli cell tumors - Essay Example

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Sertoli Cell Tumor A sertoli cell tumor can be defined as a sex cord -gonadal stromal tumor that appears in the testis of human as well as in animals. This tumor produces sertoli cells and is normally found in the testis which has not descended in to the scrotum…
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Testicular tumors- Large cell calcifying sertoli cell tumors
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Download file to see previous pages The sertoli cell tumor is normally malignant and does not spread to the other parts of the body. It is not only seen in human beings but also in species like horses, dogs and ducks. They do not show any symptoms of illness other than a painless lump of mass in the testicals.Under the microscope, sertoli cell tumor display a closely situated solid and hollow tubules lined by epithelial cells. This tumor can be diagnosed with histological and pathological tests. The usually conducted treatment is surgery .For malignant tumors the treatment conducted are chemotherapy and at times radiation therapy. Many a times to detect the tumor in earlier stage repeated physical examination and imaging is required. The prognosis of the tumor which is benign is good as the growth of it is very slow. The History of Sertoli Cell Tumor The discovery of sertoli cell can be accredited to Enrico Sertoli who was just 18 yrs old when he began his studies in research at the university of Pava, in Northern Italy in 1860.He studied general medical subjects at first and after 2 yrs began his research studies in the laboratory of the distinguished physiologist and histologist, professor Eusobio Oehl. Sertoli was born on June 6, 1842 to a noble family in the small town of Sondrio, located North of Milano along the Italian - Swiss border. His noble birth in all probability meant that he was expected to attend university and study medicine. The cellule ramificate or branched cell was discovered using the personal microscope of Enrico Sertoli. He had purchased the microscope in 1862, after he began his studies under professor Oehl. The quality of the microscope and the personal importance are evident by the care that Sertoli devoted to it, which has permitted its survival for more than 100 years. In anticipation of the microscope’s arrival,Sertoli likely collected several pieces of human testes preserved in a sublimate solution that he later reported as the incubation solution of choice at that time.Sertoli used several types of preparation of testes, including mocrodissection of individual seminiferous tubules, thin sections of the testis after sublimate incubation, pieces of fresh tissue and frayed sections of tubules.Sertoli has spend numerous hours with the microscope in the laboratory but was skeptical that the testes might have remained in the sublimate solution for longer time which could affect the result. Sertoli performed tests with different methods and improved his observation and laid out different drawings of his findings. In his drawings sertoli included round germ cells, seminiferous cells embedded within the branched cell limbs.Sertoli drew intricate details of what he observed and report lipid droplets in this cell. He mentioned several times that the lipid could exert very important functions in the cell, a function that we still know little about today. He also drew the cell as appearing syncytial or as branched multinucleated cell , which surely raised many questions from students .In the year 1886, Sertoli published his last manuscript which was a breakthrough which suggested the primary role of spermatozoa to reach and fertilize the egg. In 1878 , Sertoli published a statement that the branched cells, which he now called cellule fisse or fixed cells no longer, divided in the adult ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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