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Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells using Flow Cytometry - Essay Example

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The research field was on Flow Cytometry.It aimed to establish a reliable method for counting Circulating Tumor Cells using flow Cytometry. Flow Cytometry is a method of enumerating and examining minute particles suspended in a fluid when passed through an electronic detector…
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Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells using Flow Cytometry
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"Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells using Flow Cytometry"

Download file to see previous pages The research field was on Flow Cytometry. It aimed to establish a reliable method for counting Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) using flow Cytometry. Flow Cytometry is a method of enumerating and examining minute particles suspended in a fluid when passed through an electronic detector. The system has a disposable chip. This chip checks for cross contamination collect analyzed sample and to freely measurement. CTC is salient biomarkers for so many cancers. There are many systems for enumeration based on either EpCAM/CD326 which express tumor cell before microscope or RT-PCR. Protocols for this system can be applied onto other systems. Cultured cancer cells spiked into normal blood got enriched with MACR EpCAM microbeads then labeled with APC instead of intracellular staining of cytokeratins. EpCAM allows enumeration of intact CTC, cellular integrity maintenance and concomitant performance. Combination of fine tuned CTC and cytometric multicolor resulted into linear relationship between input and output cell count from zero to hundred of cells. Anti CD45 mAb was used to give satisfactory signal/ noise ratio by gate exclusion of white blood cells signal. There is little influence on lungs cancer cell PC-9 viability. CTC is of greater importance because it provides stratification of Anti-tumor treatment and furthering characterization. Several researchers have shown that circulating Tumor cells (CTC) in peripheral blood are significant prognostic marker for cancer (1-5). Presence of circulating tumor cells in the peripheral blood of patients has been involved in the Tumor development and metastasis advancement. Response of therapy and evaluation of disease get predicted by change in circulating tumor cells. Several methods have been used in the CTC-enrichment and discovery, but the standard method is the FDA-approved cell search system (Veridex) (Takao, M., Takeda, K., 2011). This employs a 7.5ml of blood and involves epithelial cell adhesion molecules (EpCAM /CD360) (8)-conjugated immuno-magnetic enrichment preceded by cell imaging process using positive immuno-staining of cytokenins. Later negative immunostaining of leucocyte common antigen (CD45) and DNA staining with DAPI. The overall advantage of this method is the rapid read out of routine measurements. This is due to the fact that sizeable information gets included in the data and its capability of multicolor analysis. This method also offers precise detection limit of pure cells of approximately (10^-5). Related research Benjamin and Steven conducted research on flow Cytometry. They inferred that there has been progress in immuno-magnetic and flow cytometry. Benjamin and Steven concluded that flow cytometry and immunomagnetic can detect and characterize circulating tumor cells. They infer that flow cytometry has demonstrated prognostic importance in prostate and breast cancer. In Benjamin’s and Steven article about “ circulating tumor cells in colorectal cancer …” there are reviews regarding the historical and development information about identification and enumeration of circulating tumor cells in colorectal cancer. The presence of circulating tumor cells in patients having metastatic carcinomas get linked with poor survival predictions (Tych, Frederik, Sjoerd, Joost, Jan &Leon, 2011). According to their article based on research, image cytometer, cell tracks got developed to advance the enumeration of rare circulating tumor cells. Cell search system got used to enumerate circulating tumor cells in seven point five milliliters (7.5 Ml) of bold of nine healthy controls and sixty eight patients. The results were obtained from cell search system were analyzed again using image cytometer. Then automated categorization of events was executed by random forest process using ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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